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Creamy Beef with Mushroom

I can still remember the first time that I’ve tasted Lengua in Mushroom Sauce. It was my graduation celebration for elementary and I remember loving every spoonful of it. 456 more words


Clear Onion Soup

I am not a huge fan of clear soups. Therefore the logical conclusion is that the husband is. He does not understand why soups need to be creamy, rich purees as against light soups with lots of flavour and I fail to comprehend why I need such clear soups when water will do the trick. 205 more words

What's Cooking

Baked potatoes with mushrooms

First time baked this, and this is not for Ray, it’s for adult as I have put in some salt.


Polenta yum bites

For the nutty topping in this recipe we used cashew nuts but of course you can substitute that with tomato sauce or any other topping. This a last summer clip, Tsubako’s kitchen is getting ready for autumn and pickling times! 190 more words


tagliatelle with mushrooms and courgette

Another easy and quick pasta recipe for those days that you either just cannot be bothered to make something more elaborate, or you just want a creamy, courgettey, goodness. 99 more words


Easy Small Pizza

It’s very easy to make these small pizzas. And it tastes really good.

Heat some butter in the pan. Put in chopped garlic granules. Stir fry a bit. 39 more words

Baked omelette 

第一次弄 baked omelette 给Ray,虽然Ray吃过 frittatas 无数次了,可是都不是烤箱烤的。这一次妈妈尝试了烤一个小omelette给Ray,因为爸爸买了一个新烤箱给妈妈😍😍😍。

第一次弄,难免有一点手忙脚乱的。又不懂应该预热多久,自己唯有慢慢试。Ray 对于蛋从来不抗拒,除了水煮蛋的蛋黄。。。







  1. 把洋葱、蔬菜和蘑菇切小丁,起司刨丝
  2. 鸡蛋打散备用
  3. 除了起司,把做法1倒入做法2里,搅匀,才把起司撒在上面,然后加欧芹
  4. 烤箱预热至180·c , 把做法3放入烤碗然后入烤箱烤20分钟即可