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Egg's & Toast

Eggs & Toast: Clich√© I know, but they’re a classic and with these stress reliving foods on the side it is sure to be a great meal that can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. 220 more words

Day 4: Storm in a teacup

After a nourishing sleep I head for the truffle capsules. I start with one capsule at 730am. I’m still trying to find the right balance as too little there’s little effect and too much may result in visual disturbances. 244 more words

Time to start preparing for next year with mushrooms!

Today I had a pleasant morning discovering some new trails for my guests who have already started making enquiries for 2018. It was one of those breathless days with extremely fine rain so quite damp, but then I like this sort of weather. 145 more words

Sundays (I): mushroom & avocado toast

On Sunday mornings I wake up and I all I really want is delicious simple and comforty food that can make me feel good about life, one bite at a time. 525 more words


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Rana Portobello Mushroom Sauce:  A fresh, rich and creamy flavorful mushroom sauce filled with fresh Portobello mushrooms with no preservatives and non GMO claim. 71 more words

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Party poppers part II

When cooking for guests, how often do you wing it? I.e. try a recipe that you have never tried before? Cooking for many (more than 3 people in my books, counts as many) is stressful. 447 more words

Salmon with gin spices, mushrooms and roasted rye bread

This is a nordic salmon recipe. And the good news is, you don’t have to limit yourself to the gin spices, you can also add some gin to it. 212 more words

Main Course