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His stars without the sky

It was only until I grabbed my phone to write this out that our room was in perfect darkness. Except for the light that came in through the windows and ventilator… The light of the night at quarter past three. 269 more words


Whats your dream guy like?

Today in school me and my friends were having a discussion on the kind of guy each of us dreams of. Trust me, I got really awesome answers! 141 more words


Blogging is my second home

Okay so it’s currently 10:22pm and I’m sat in my bed where I’m supposed to be sleeping because I have to get up at 7:30am for work but instead I’m writing a blog post. 180 more words


What Makes You :) Today

OK, OK, so don t get all mushy on me but we seem to have every other kind of thread here so why not one that s a change from the norm. 77 more words

VA - Wild In Blue (Soundtrack) [GDLP002]

After a year in the making Giallo Disco presents GDLP002 the previously unreleased soundtrack to fictitious writer/director Joel Hughes controversial 80s teen drama Wild In Blue. 68 more words


Looking for a Birthday Date

My birthday is falling one month before a severely critical exam. I have spent all of last year pruning myself into being comfortable with alone-ness. From dining out alone to traveling to everyday living: I have into turned quite an expert at spending time with myself. 395 more words


But the real cherry on top is

At long last

You know


You feel

How different

Love is

From true love

Love still deserves respect of course… 83 more words