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Strangers in the night

I want to hold you tonight, press you against me, and let our imperfections agree to a transcendent completeness. I wish to owe my self to your eyes, drink in their depth, breathe in your breath, to touch you, my precious; in awe of your beauty, to kiss you, your tender sweet lips; that you belong to me, my strange joy. 140 more words

Short Poems

My heart longs for a touch, to connect to another soul and find its worth.

But is there another soul for mine that exists upon this earth? 46 more words



I love how your humor leaves imprints on the darkest parts of my mind.
You could snatch the pessimistic utterances from my vocal box,
if I let you. 127 more words


My First Month ....

I now believe “You don’t find love, it finds you, it’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, and what’s written in the stars” 16 more words


Romantic proposals and all that snazz !

Guess what the first post on my Facebook timeline was… not  hard to guess considering the title, yup, pictures of two childhood sweethearts and their mushy story of love leading up to what most girls (read me) can only dream of ” the bent on one knee proposal” with scenic stuff in the backdrop. 86 more words

(Romantic Poem) Love and Light

Good day readers! So today is a rare day for me. I rarely write these, but a special someone convinced me to write something romantic and mushy. 393 more words