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Romantic proposals and all that snazz !

Guess what the first post on my Facebook timeline was… not  hard to guess considering the title, yup, pictures of two childhood sweethearts and their mushy story of love leading up to what most girls (read me) can only dream of ” the bent on one knee proposal” with scenic stuff in the backdrop. 86 more words

(Romantic Poem) Love and Light

Good day readers! So today is a rare day for me. I rarely write these, but a special someone convinced me to write something romantic and mushy. 393 more words


I Love You Too

I love you-

Those were the words you used,

floating despite their weight,

and I couldn’t help but think

of every disappointment I’d ever faced, 60 more words


What Makes You :) Today

OK, OK, so don t get all mushy on me but we seem to have every other kind of thread here so why not one that s a change from the norm. 79 more words

Flicker in a Glass

Girl you’ve gotten me whipped
Ah boozing ain’t ever got me so tripped
You know when we hold hands
And you’re quiet and shy
And when you look at me like that, baby… 146 more words


Weekend Getaway: Carmel, CA

A couple of weekends ago, D and I spent a weekend in Carmel, CA to celebrate my birthday. I kept my birthday weekend low-key after having a busy start to the year and the beautiful, coastal town of Carmel truly met my R&R (rest and recuperate) needs! 304 more words