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You can’t sleep

Over half an hour

And your eyes are still filling up with tears

He left you no other choice but to walk away… 42 more words


A Flash in the Pan: The Best Spinach Ever

Most people cook spinach far too long and it becomes mushy.  And that’s a texture that not too many people like, unless it is soft-serve ice cream. 150 more words


Please don’t

Don’t look at the photos of the two of you together

Don’t read the messages you’ve exchanged

Don’t listen to the songs he dedicated to you… 33 more words


She cried when she was with you

She cried when you left

She hoped for silence when you kept nagging

Now she longs for your voice and your embrace… 40 more words


Wordiness in poetic shapes

Lean, strong fingers snaked through mine, palm to palm suffusing me with warmth, filling me with happiness

Long bodied, tall, he is a being all of angles and light. 57 more words


Then I went back to our hotel room

It’s quiet

You’re no longer here

I should feel peaceful

Been craving so much for it

Instead, I started crying… 22 more words