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Sunday Songs to Spark the Spirit and Summon the Moves of the Dance

On the road to Ohio to visit the fam. and jammin’ to songs off of Willis’ Soundcloud stream. This song is an especially groovy road song. 41 more words


"An Oasis in Time"

“Music is the sanctuary of the heart, the haven of the soul. There is nothing in the world like music, a language all it’s own in the Universe. 43 more words



They’ve used jazz xylophones as an aid in diagnosing depressives: If a subject is listening to more than a few minutes of jazz xylophone a day, there’s a better than fifty percent chance that he’s about to step in front of a train. 263 more words


Meditation Vibrations

Hi Everyone,

Bill Wolford is presenting Higgins energy in a format called, Meditation Vibrations. This is Higgins’ energy set to music in themes. (For example, they did one called New Earth Vibration.) He will be at Intraspace on the 22nd. 206 more words