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Selective or Picky?

In a totally different vein than my usual posts, let’s talk about the ideal partner, what do you look for in a significant other.

Here’s my laundry list. 144 more words


"I hope this song starts a craze"

Lately, Husband and I have been reminiscing a lot about favorite bands, nostalgic bands (often one in the same) and concerts we’ve attended together.

It started a few months back when Husband created a “High School Jamz” playlist. 441 more words

Pop Culture

It's So Easy

Ya get nothin’ for nothin’
If that’s what ya do

So there I was yesterday in Birkenhead with 20 minutes to go between trains, looking suave, unshaven and cool in my second-best Batman T-shirt after popping into work to finish some stuff off, what do you reckon I did? 797 more words

Record Collecting

Syphilis of the Felion Spirit Guide

If you would regard this image from when I was editing the video :

The track length is exactly 3:33:33.

It’s too early to be sure what this means.




This is a truly beautiful song by Michael McDonald. I don’t agree with the sacrifice theology of it but that’s for another blog. There is peace to be found from addiction and suffering in the Christ energy. 10 more words