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Amanda Palmer and Band2Fan success stories

The name Amanda Palmer was until yesterday a mystery to me. It kept on popping up sporadically in all the music-media news feeds I read daily, but I never took the time to have a deeper look in this amazing artist’s career, until yesterday that is. 1,284 more words

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ONDO's music editing phone

Just found this video out of the blue:

My initial reaction was “is this some kind of joke”, and is goes to show that it isn’t, but that this product is a prototype created by a company called Pilotfish begging for some investor to back it up. 69 more words

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Trent Reznor: the first case of "Twitterazzi syndrome"?

Mr Reznor is one of the last artists you could expect to put his web-based networking activities aside. He is one of the most influential and inspiring social gurus out there, and now he seems to have officially announced that he’s taking his leave from it all: 441 more words

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Kanye VS Twitter impersonators

Kanye isn’t happy at all that someone impersonated his name on Twitter, stealing a tincy bit of his spot light. “Isn’t happy” in this case, is a euphemism. 36 more words

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YouTube Symphony Orchestra @ Carnegie Hall - Act One

Here’s the Youtube Symphony Orchestra, the first ever online collaborative orchestra, performing at Carnegie Hall on April 15th 2009. The orchestra was composed of 96 professional and amateur musicians from 30+ countries and territories on six continents and represented 26 different instruments. 33 more words

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