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Ariana's New Offering! @REVIEWS

After having listened to Problem, my first Ariana Grande song, I felt an instant craze about her songs. Then came Love Me Harder (featuring Weeknd) and One last Time. 160 more words

Ariana Grande

韓國新起R&B歌手 一聽Dean到你的心

沒想到我會為了一個1992年生的小伙子寫下這篇非專業音樂文,事情發生在 某一天的早上約6:00鐘多,醒來那一剎那居然先轉開廣播 (嗯沒錯 這樣的習慣已經超過10年),就聽到一首超酷的韓式R&B風歌曲…….就開始了我的尋歌之旅。

原來他18歲就加入美國加州的JOOMBAS音樂唱片公司,幫很多炙手可熱大明星寫過很多Kpop的歌曲 ,像是EXO的Growl  (一聽之下…原來我聽過,一定在逛街或者別人辦活動的時候耳朵吸進去了XD)


搜尋完這個人又覺得它還滿好看的 長相有點不同一般的韓國人 甚至覺得他有些動作+某些”臉部線條”有點像chou某人,聽眾們不要被我影響 這只是我個人星球腦補= =。 69 more words


Economist 2/16/16

  1. LAST autumn, FlyersRights.org, a non-profit organisation representing air travellers,drafted a petition to the American Congress demanding new guidelines for the minimum distance between rows in planes.Steve Cohen, a Democratic congressman from Tennessee, introduced an amendment to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding bill last week that would have mandated a certain amount of legroom for passengers.
  2. 722 more words

'Bad Moon Rising' Turned 30 And No One Cares But Me

Bad Moon Rising, Sonic Youth’s second LP, turned 30 this year to little fanfare. There were no reissues, no Pitchfork articles, no one there to discuss this bizarre anomaly of a record, even by Sonic Youth standards. 859 more words

Powerwolf - Blessed & Possessed

There was a time that I really disliked Heavy Metal and Power Metal. It was really not done according to my environment to listen to these genres. 312 more words

Blessed & Possessed

The Decrepitude of Modern Music (Albums vs. Singles)

By Juma Sei

WANT Original Content

Children of my generation are plagued with the notion that the music of our time cannot hold a candle to that of the past (note that when I say past, I am referencing the late 20th century). 696 more words