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Playup: listen to various music bands’ tracks on the site

Have you ever visited Playup? It is a site where you can utilise numerous music services. Read this article to familiarise yourself with the facilities proposed to those who are connected. 179 more words


Age Of Stones; Elizabete Balčus; Hospitāļu iela| albums | September, 2018 | Latvia 100 | Loudez Media

Deezer: ” Sāls un pipari ” album | Age Of Stones

Spotify: ” Conarium ” album | Elizabete Balčus

Bandcamp: ” HI ” album | Hospitāļu iela…

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Music Albums

Music articles: learn about the texts posted on the site

Do you like to read music articles? In this text, you will learn about some of the posts that are currently available on Playup. First of all, you can check out the one which is related to Kendrick Lamar. 173 more words


Music albums: find out whose creations were launched in August 2018

Read this article if you wish to learn about the singers whose music albums were launched this month, or if you want to get information related to other compositions. 180 more words


Cadillac: you can find Johnny Hallyday’s album on Playup

On Playup you can listen to various musicians’ albums, including those by Johnny Hallyday. His collections “Cadillac “, “Parc des Princes 1993” and “Sang pour sang” are available. 85 more words


Music albums: find out about some newly launched collections

In this article you will learn about some music albums which were released in 2018. To begin with, one of the former members of Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello launched her self-named collection on the 12th of January. 180 more words


Music albums: try out the some newly launched collections

Do you want to know whether your favourite singers have or will release their music albums soon? Read this post to find out. The collections “Expectations” and “Pray for the Wicked” were introduced on the 22nd of June 2018.  184 more words