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Final Logo

The content in this blog is to expose music and art to the public, who are interested to support and follow me along my journey. That being said, this is my final logo and I think it is very well executed. 302 more words

Music & Art

Studio Swag - ANTHEM!

There are so many things that make me the woman that I am. There’s humor and hood and intelligence and sexiness and soul and all things appropriate and inappropriate. 160 more words


Haven't done that in a while

I did something earlier this month that I hadn’t done since early September. I bought music. It was the Beatles “White Album.” And I actually bought it on CD, which I haven’t done probably in years. 154 more words

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Peace, Firebirds:

I wasn’t sure if I would come back to the land of blogging any time soon. My page had been stalked by a crazed maniac bent on revenge who, at the end of the day, proved to be an amazing door closed so that greater and newer opportunities could open for me. 519 more words

Music & Art


It feels a bit strange doing a review on a 38-year-old Jazz album, but that’s exactly what I find myself doing. Ever since subscribing to Beats Music last autumn, I have been able sample literally dozens of jazz albums and playlists from all across the Jazz spectrum. 120 more words

Music & Art

Cover art for hip hop artist Divo's "Gotta Vibe" single

Cover art I designed for hip hop artist Divo‘s new single “Gotta Vibe” featuring Dan-e-o, Tahnee Michelle and Ryan Field. Listen to it… 11 more words

Graphic Design

Potential Logo

This is a potential logo that represents me and my “sk8 punk” personality. As an Advertising major with an artistic background, I’ve been wanting the opportunity to create a logo/brand for my collection of art, such as; posters, stickers, shirts, pins or a potential logo for an independent record label I want to establish with close friends. 277 more words

Music & Art