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Why ? Because we want to follow our music !

We love when we receive this kind of picture…

It’s always with joy that we head to the closest post-office, wherever the country we are. We take great care in choosing the package, we like the way we wrap our album in colourful silk-paper – you may find it in any wonderful colour you wish in Istanbul. 66 more words

Musicians' Diary

I still haven't found - Episode 3

Our 3rd video – music is still the same, but no, no… we still haven’t found our booking agent ! Don’t get us wrong : we both love being on the phone, just not for booking :) 18 more words

Sound & Video

I put a spell on you - 2nd episode...

So, here is the 2d video from our advertising campaign :)

Any support will be welcome, the simplest one being to share around, by any way you prefer, you can use the little buttons just bellow, send e-mails to your friends/family, to someone that might know someone… Who knows ? 25 more words

Musicians' Diary

Message in a bottle - in the search for our Booking agent - episode 1

As we already mentioned it recently a couple of times, our quest to find our ideal booking agent started ! Apart from a more “conventional” search, we got the idea for an advert campaign while brainstorming. 85 more words

Sound & Video

Preparing & shooting new videos

Since we are at the moment focussed on getting a Booking agent (see video >here<), we started to shoot a couple of videos… more to come very soon !

Musicians' Diary

Book a Music Tour

There are many different tutorials on the ways that a band can book a music tour.  This one in particular will focus on the use of social media and other applications that can be used to help with the process… 1,090 more words