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Kyle Cubr reviews "Dunkirk" for Cine-File Chicago

Christopher Nolan’s 10th feature film finds the director delving into the past to tell the story of Dunkirk, a moment during World War II in which 400,000 British and French soldiers find themselves cornered along the shore of the Strait of Dover with German forces closing in from all sides. 262 more words


Kian Bergstrom reviews "Top Gun" as part of the Music Box's 70mm Film Festival

The five men sit in the locker room, their toned torsos still damp from their showers. Around each of their waists, a thin, white towel is tightly wrapped, under so much tension it must hurt to breathe, let alone walk. 432 more words


Cinepocalypse at the Music Box

This November, a new film festival will be coming to Chicago’s Music Box Theatre that will give genre fans a “full week of ass-kicking genre movies!” That was a sure way to get my attention! 238 more words

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Interview with A QUIET PASSION writer/director Terence Davies

Was it pure coincidence that I sat down with writer/director Terence Davies during National Poetry Month last month? Maybe. Probably not though, considering his latest film “A Quiet Passion” focuses on the life of American poet Emily Dickinson. 2,867 more words

5th Annual Juggernaut Film Festival

I gave up on being cool, long ago. But…I have had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of some terminally arctic sorts. For instance, the folks at Chicago’s Otherworld Theatre Company are pretty fantastic, frequently bringing science fiction, fantasy and the underbelly of mysteriously dark worlds to life on the stages of the Midwest. 159 more words


Cult Movie Screenings

Next weekend at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, Odd Obsession Movies with another midnight screening. This time it will be Richard Stanley’s Hardware (1990), coming from Stanley’s own personal 35mm print. 172 more words

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Kyle Cubr reviews "A Man Called Ove" on Cine-File Chicago

The grumpy, old curmudgeon is a tried and true character anti-hero archetype that has seen it’s fair share of memorable performances over the years. From the despicable Mr. 175 more words