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Kyle Cubr reviews "Demon" for Cine-File

In Jewish folklore, a dybbuk is malevolent spirit that wanders searching for a soul to enter and possess. Once a victim is possessed, the dybbuk can only be expelled through exorcism. 58 more words


Movie Events, Marathons, and Madness

When this time of year comes around, there is one thing that you can be sure of….busy weekends! With the Halloween season right around the corner, there are plenty of different movie events coming up, from Dusk to Dawn shows at the drive-ins, to 24-hour marathons, to simple movie screenings of classic monster flicks. 654 more words

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"i'm so beautiful" - divine (1984)

I love everything about movies.  I am fascinated by how movies are made.  I am entertained by watching movies.  I am enlightened by reading about movies.  1,007 more words

Madness at the Music Box

Chicago’s own Music Box Theatre has started to announce some titles for their 12th annual 24-hour marathon which takes place on October 15th, starting at noon and running through to noon on Sunday the 16th. 512 more words

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Kyle Cubr of Cine-File reviews the documentary "Almost Holy"

In Mariupol, Ukraine, Gennadiy Mokhnenko (self-dubbed  ‘Crocodile Gennadiy’) runs Pilgrim, a rehabilitation center built to help drug-addicted children who live on the street or in neglected households. 217 more words


Cult Film Begotten at Music Box...With Director!

Back in the early ’90s, back when VHS tape trading and the grey market were in full swing, a movie would surface from the underground that would start to make a buzz. 178 more words

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Frizzi to Score The Beyond Live at Music Box

Last year when Italian composer Fabio Frizzi made a small American tour, playing themes from some of the amazing films that he had scored over the years, to say I was bummed I didn’t make it to one of them is an understatement. 195 more words

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