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Rock-N-Roll Analysis on Oasis

In my opinion, one of the last true Rock-N-Roll bands had to have been Oasis. They embodied the essence and the spirit of Rock-N-Roll. The music and the attitude were ever present in this group’s persona from the time they began in 1991 till the time they decided to part ways in 2009. 587 more words

All The Rock Stars Are Dead

Oct. 2 Guster/Evermotion

Newest release by Guster I haven’t visited till now. Some of the magic that me fall in love with them in the first place is still present and vibrant in some songs. 77 more words

Music Commentary

Sept. 28 Princess Reason/Self-titled

Soft relaxing minimalist pop rock and even softer lyrics to match the instrumentation. Baltimore home-town diy heroes and a hidden gem for sure. Repetitive looping guitar riffs, subtle changes, and distant delicate sounds in the background that have a powerful calming effect. 15 more words

Music Commentary

Sept. 27 Green Day/Dookie

Pure 90s punk, and half the soundtrack to my teenage years-around the same time I first picked up my first bass and got into the Foo Fighters. 140 more words

Music Commentary

Sept. 27 Titus Andronicus/The Monitor

The font choice and album cover fit such a fun industrialization/early America vibe. The music is as powerful as the statement of the album art and the rock and roll, well-layered progressions, brass, ad references to New Jersey make this album sound powerful and dense. 18 more words

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Sept. 27 Fleetwood Mac/Tango in the Night

My first full Fleetwood Mac album that wasn’t The Dance. In a last second effort to throw new music in my car I routed through my dad’s cassette collection and came across this album. 63 more words

Music Commentary

Sept. 26 Tycho/Dive

Holy vapor/synthwave. Maybe less vapor and more cheesy techno? Regardless, this makes for a good study soundtrack along with their other albums. The holiest of chills, but nothing incredibly outstanding. 27 more words

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