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Fox's Fourth

Wowie guys, its been a steamy minute since i’ve done one of these little playlists.

I’ve been keeping busy… discovering the natural wonders of the world through part time factory jobs and old time literature courses. 673 more words

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Track Awareness: "IV" by Meltybrains?

Meltybrains? is an Irish experimental quintet that immerses listeners in an aural hot spring of synthesized and analog movements. 167 more words


The New Age of Fluid Musical Identities

This past summer, I had the privilege of enjoying a major music festival that took place a stone throw (and three stops on the Blue Line) away from my Chicago suburb, Elmhurst, Ill. 739 more words

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Nine Years Later, System of a Down Still "Mezmerizes" Me

It may be surprising to see a retrospective of a nine-year-old nu metal album on this blog, particularly from a writer who has vented at length about the overall lack of quality of mid-2000s popular music.   1,254 more words

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A love letter to Dave Grohl

Dear Dave,

First off, I would like to thank you for looking equally majestic with long hair as you do with short hair. Its just uncanny the level of intensity and warmth that you supply, whether sporting the simple soul patch or the full goatee. 562 more words

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Flight Facilities Featuring Emma Louis- "Two Bodies" (Lidos Remix)

I’m a big fan of Flight Facilities and the erotic, upbeat undertone to their music. I always put their song on repeat at work, to even my manager can’t help but to sing along. 17 more words


Fox's poetic playlist 2

Let me take this opportunity to welcome all of you to the second installment of my already famed
column, Pathetic playlist poetry. Here, you will find everything you need musically, sonically, sexually, and aestetically. 600 more words

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