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Band of Joy: Out Monkeying the Monkees

Try as one might, Wikipedia is a hard nut to crack—cracking its shell to find an article about oneself or something one is involved in means that the recorded thing was widely known enough to merit it. 1,315 more words

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The Eight Joints Series: Part I

A Most Necessary Evil: One Night in the Roseland Mirror

“I wanna be your friend but don’t have the self-control
We’re in love
But I don’t get what you see in me…

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Raising Sand: A bloated effort, but an important one

The first side of this record sucks so bad it ruins the entire album.

“Rich Woman” lurches with each pulsing bass note, as if hunting in a folk “Maneater” fashion, Robert Plant and Krauss drawl with dark-sarcasm, snide remarks and tongues that warble like a Theremin. 1,239 more words

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Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me by the Cure

“Kiss me” read red lips, flashing across the cover.

Like a dare that won’t stop there, they repeat: Three times. Three strikes. Three bullets: raining sleep-depriving, teeth-grinding, acid-eying lust. 973 more words

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I Have 1474 Words for TV Girl (And If You Stop at the First Two, Your Opinion Doesn’t Count)

Oh pretty boy
Don’t think
You pretty boys
Are only good for one thing

        -“Pretty Boys” (TV Girl)

Fuck you—

Pretty bro boy deadpanning such mockrock lyrics you’d make Father John Misty spit out his acid and coffee; you sing so flat Lou Reed would choose his words like a Long Island special; you flaunt your lowkey machismo like you’ve out-and-retired Mike McGrath after 15 minutes; you groove so well to bullshit that Bob Dylan should stop cryin’ about the dollar bills comin’ outta his mattress—it’s too easy.

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Impatience with the Impatient

When I was writing about my feelings about Boston area after we moved here, I got to thinking about why it was taking me so long to get through it, which in turn, got me to thinking about the impatience of those who have don’t have to struggle, or have little trouble expressing ideas or performing tasks, or learning things quickly with those of us who are more deliberate, or seem “slower.”  I usually find those who are impatient with people who don’t get it the first time — or even the second — to be a generally intolerant and non-empathetic group as a whole.  612 more words


Sex + Food: UMO, kinda like Prince

Ruban Nielson is like no other artist in recent memory. No other artist moves through ideas and projects with such forceful calibration and inhabitation in the independent psychedelic arena as Nielson, I’m convinced of it. 1,491 more words

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