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Another Birthday To Which Honor (And Another “Top 10” List) Must Be Given

Yes, just as I did with Mozart a few days ago, I indulge myself (and hopefully entertain more than irk) my readers. I really was going to forego this exercise in innocent futility, but last night’s “Schubertiade” at Mills Hall thoroughly inspired me. 718 more words

Merci, Monsieur Boulez...

When I first learned of the passing of Pierre Boulez on Tuesday, January 12, my first thought was the first memory that always came to my mind when his name came up. 1,074 more words

Thoughts on Hearing a Westminster Choir Concert

I’ve been thinking about a concert I recently attended given by the Westminster Choir.  This is the elite touring choir that, as the folks at Westminster Choir College of Rider University say (Ugh! 1,517 more words

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The Decline of Church Music, Pt. II

I realise that a number of my colleagues (at least those of certain social media groups) might have been a little upset with Part I of my little personal analysis of the dismal state of church music — particularly my opprobrium of of those large numbers people (“masses” if you will) who are more than willing to subjugate the rational to the simplistic answers or dogma of similarly predisposed religious leaders.     951 more words

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The Decline of Church Music Pt.I

It’s fairly common knowledge that mainstream Christianity is in decline, at least in western civilisation. Now, by mainstream I mean churches that aren’t the simplistic, backward, literalistic, entertainment oriented, fundamentalist churches which engage in a heavy handed proselytising form of evangelism; rather, mainstream churches take the lessons from the Old & New Testaments and try to have them make sense in our world: that the precepts in the Bible are metaphorically applicable (as opposed to literally) to today’s exigencies, is one of the distinguishing features from its more gratuitously superficial, excessively emotional, reptilian, counterpart.  1,208 more words

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What I'm realizing...

…is that I don’t remember how to play all of my own songs. That is a problem in some ways. Although, some of the songs were never meant to played again. 8 more words

Trying Again

I know, I kept promising myself that I was going to post something every day; or, at least nearly every day.  Well, it hasn’t worked out quite, has it.  1,217 more words

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