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Trying Again

I know, I kept promising myself that I was going to post something every day; or, at least nearly every day.  Well, it hasn’t worked out quite, has it.  1,217 more words

Music Commentary

A Song Defining Men

Flawed. That is the word I would use to define my sex.

Women. We may all be different. But we are all flawed.

One of the biggest flaws we have is our need to understand men — change them even. 356 more words


I was born to be, be your Dead Sea

There is this song that I have always liked, and over the years it’s stuck it out on my favorite playlist. But today something changed for me and this song. 324 more words


Art Song & Piano Pedalling II, “Ganymed” pt. B

So how should we approach Schubert’s “Ganymed?” First and foremost, take your confounded foot off the damper pedal! As I’ve ranted on before (and will continue to do so in the future I’m sure) keyboard musicians, whether it’s organists and their ceaseless slithering legato, or pianists with their obsessive use of the damper pedal, simply refuse to follow a composer’s phrasing and articulations; that is, unless it’s blatantly obvious. 1,788 more words

Music Commentary

Art Song & Piano Pedalling II, “Ganymed” pt.A

It came to my attention a little while ago on an online discussion concerning matters on approaching the accompaniment to Schubert’s “Ganymed” D.544. So, not having played the song before I decided to look further into it, and in typical fashion, became obsessed with it. 511 more words

Music Commentary

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I thought in light of the extended time between this and the Part B, I figured it would be appropriate to repost this

Cheers to the "Lil's": A Breakdown of Rap

This may come as a shock: but I do listen music outside of alternative and rock. Being born and raised in Atlanta, it’s in my blood to love peaches, Coca-Cola and of course, rap and hip-hop music. 615 more words

Concert Reviews

Dr.Dre Featuring Kendrick Lamar X Jeremih : "2Nite"

While I wait for this “Mercury Retrograde” bull crap to be over, why note get in tune with some good music and good vibes. An unreleased track by Dr. 65 more words