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Violins Have a Fuse?

What if movies existed in the late 1700s?

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 and Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 defined music in the late 18th century and early into the 19th century. 230 more words

This Gal's Got Legs (Musically)

Many of us are still on a high (of excitement) from the new Wonder Woman trailer.

Yes, yes and yes.

The ending of said trailer was especially satisfying because the score/sound for Gal Gadot’s… 72 more words

A Short Time Ago in a Front Yard in Close, Close Proximity...

Some people question the power of movies. Some people even question Huey Lewis and the News over the power of love.

But what about the power of love towards movies? 110 more words

Happy Monday!

For some strange reason, the journey to an athletic championship is sometimes given greater value than the actual championship game and its eventual winner.

Once again, … 103 more words

Happy Monday!

Checkmate: Movie soundtrack edition.

Every amazing movie needs an amazing soundtrack. While Josh Waitzkin was left searching for Bobby Fischer (in the literal sense), director Steven Zaillian found the emotionally evocative James Horner to score his cinematic masterpiece from 1993 based on the true story of a young chess prodigy told from the perspective of a “chess parent.” 49 more words

Impression for Piano Solo

Look at what I have unearthed for you! I composed “Impression” in 2007 when I was studying composition at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. At that time I was intrigued with Johann Sebastian Bach’s secret spelling of words through notes. 67 more words


Social Musings 101: Music Composer

Great is today and can be tomorrow as well and the day after that as well. But sometimes what I’ve learned is music can many times capture of the essence of what you feel and see by contacting you with emotions and moods. 54 more words

Social Musings 101