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Hell is Eux Autres. Eux Autres.


Eux Autres is a band formed originally for the siblings Nicholas and Heather Larimer, from Portland with Omaha roots, which plays garage-pop. Guitarist/vocalist Nicholas Larimer graduated from North High School in ’96, while his drummer/vocalist sister Heather graduated from Central in ’90, where she was a cheerleader. 410 more words


Abysmal Thoughts. The Drums

The return of The Drums after 3 years is not the return of The Drums: all the original band members have quit and just remain only Jonny Pierce. 452 more words


We need more filters to find the very special music 

Nowadays is easier than ever for an artist release an album: through a label (one of the three major labels, their subsidiaries or an independent label), release founded by crowdfunding as Kickstarted, release directly through Bandcamp or Soundcloud, or even release their music via YouTube. 342 more words


April 24 ~ This Day in Music History

. 1706 ~ Giovanni Battista Martini, Italian music scholar and composer

. 1792 ~ La Marseillaise composed by French army officer Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle… 671 more words


Are Online Echo Chambers Making Music Journalism Dumber?

Consciously embarking on a career into not one, but two industries perceived to be dying poses the opportunity for endless pithy self-congratulation. Music and journalism? Hey, kid, it’s your time, it’s your energy. 1,574 more words

Music Critic

Feature Story: The Scoop On Music Critic Melissa Ruggieri

Photo Credited to: AJC.Com & Jimblackman.com

Infamous music critic and feature writer, Melissa Ruggieri has made a name for herself in the entertainment and writing industry. 684 more words