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Day 33 – MTV Unplugged – 1995

Bob Dylan didn’t want to play his own music, but there appears to be a lot of renewed energy in the concert. Playing on MTV’s Unplugged, he had set out to perform only folk traditionals, but it appears was convinced by MTV to do his own originals instead. 583 more words


Day 32 – World Gone Wrong – 1993

I’m watching No Direction Home as I write this now, and I can’t help but be repulsed by all these pasty, old, baby-boomer whites eulogize their childhood. 473 more words


Day 28 – Down In The Groove – 1988

My mind went straight to Mighty Ducks 2. Down In The Groove starts off with a cover of Bryan Ferry’s “Let’s Stick Together,” the song made famous during my childhood for bringing together the Team USA Junior Hockey Squad coached by Gordon Bombay. 563 more words


Lost in Sherwood Forest

Hosted deep in the backwoods of Rothbury, Michigan on June 23-26, Electric Forest transformed the Double JJ Ranch into a psychedelic wonderland.

The four-day festival showcased jam bands and EDM artists that knew exactly how to vibe with the community of new generation deadheads running around Sherwood Forest. 534 more words

Day 18 – Desire – 1976

When I said a week or so back that Dylan likes to put his strongest anthem up front on every record, I keep getting haunted by whether I was intuitively correct or absolutely wrong. 507 more words


Day 16 – Blood On The Tracks – 1975

Needing no introduction, I’ve been looking forward to Blood On The Tracks. I can say that in my young adulthood, I went through Bob Dylan purposefully, but I followed the trail set before me. 221 more words


Day 15 – Before The Flood – 1974

This is revitalization. We don’t even need to look past the initial reviews for Before The Flood, chiefly among The Village Voice, declaring it the “greatest live album in rock’n’roll, if ever.” Retrospective reviews have done little to change that early opinion. 555 more words