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Celtic dueling violins

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AdriFlaherty – Published on Apr 7, 2007
Celtic dueling violins – Smith & Nesbitt. Live from Hyde Park London.

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Natalia Osipova's Amazing Versatile Fouettés!

h/t Neo: Osipova: the turning machine

I’m not one for mere technical feats, however amazing. But Osipova’s turns here are so amazing they made me gasp, and it takes a lot to do that because I’ve seen a lot of great turners.

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Baryshnikov practicing jumps

h/t Neo, who writes this was “probably made some time in the 1980s.”

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Blog we must… if we can…


Your Other People’s Videos blogger is suffering from, well, a lot of things, but most relevantly, from technical difficulties.

The old tablet has developed the habit of rebooting at random times, almost sentiently knowing when I have some unsaved data. 267 more words

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