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Why Apple just spent up to $50 million for a music data company

Apple has acquired U.K.-based music data startup Semetric, which is better known for its Musicmetric service. Apple declined to provide details on the acquisition, which was first reported by Musically… 236 more words

Music recognition specialist Shazam has raised an additional $30 million from undisclosed investors. The new round of funding propels Shazam’s valuation north of $1 billion and brings the total amount of money raised by the company to around $125 million. 53 more words

Music, Your Child and Education.

We’ve all read the articles about how music “makes kids smarter” and “why we need to save the jobs of music educators.” We’ve been smacked upside the head and down the street by facts upon figures about why music education is important. 674 more words


How to predict the success of a piece of music for a given public?

This question can easily interest composers, editors, concert organizers and many others as well.

If classical music theories help to compose better and explain some of the music composition principles, the most important problem is the lack of an efficient and effective link between the objective descriptions of music components and the subjective feelings that are experienced while the public listens to music. 2,186 more words

Music Theory

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Time series are recorded every day in weather stations, hospitals, satellites, financial markets, mostly by machines which nowadays make several measurements per second. To understand the resulting huge data sets, new methods have to be developed. 291 more words

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