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Guest blog: Kirsty Winnan, Executive Director for Hub Partner Gloucestershire Academy of Music

Some of you may remember Kirsty from her days of teaching music around the County. After working in Swindon for the last ten years Kirsty has returned as Executive Director for Gloucestershire Academy of Music… 577 more words

Lesson Planning and Marzano's Nine Strategies

Context is everything. There’s a saying, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Too often in education, we take a little morsel of knowledge, perhaps acquired at a conference or hastily gleaned from an article or book, and then force it into  a position of exclusivity and prominence that assures success will not prevail. 1,401 more words

Music Education

Two Moors - Food for thought from Artistic Director Penny Adie...

It seems a long time since I wrote a blog and firstly, I may have forgotten how and secondly, I don’t know what to write about it. 959 more words


When Performance Requests and Developmental Appropriateness Collide

A music teacher recently asked for suggestions on how to teach The Star Spangled Banner to her kindergarten and first grade classes. She didn’t say why she wanted to do this. 1,134 more words

Music Education

Child Development and Music Education

Dr. James Comer of Yale University has found six pathways along which children develop. These pathways are described as physical, cognitive, language, social, ethical, and psychological. 1,131 more words

Music Education

Why Do We Teach Music Reading?

To my surprise, I recently read a discussion thread by music educators on Facebook in which most of the participants found teaching music reading unnecessary. The argument for this position has been around for quite some time. 1,359 more words

Music Education

Remaining Concept Based During Concert Season

There is a tendency among music educators to push concepts aside as concerts approach. This happens because of a perceived dichotomy between teaching concepts and preparing repertoire for performance. 1,211 more words

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