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Music Education‘s Impact on young Minds

Music has a great effect on human mind. It can relax your mind, calm your attitude, can improve verbal IQ – with a feeling of Chill. 282 more words

3 Ideas to keep the beat

I attended my childrens school concert a few nights ago, which was very entertaining and adorable.  Each grade got to perform a dance and was very creative.   282 more words

Returning to Learning

What can piano teachers learn from stepping into the shoes of the beginner and taking up a new skill or pastime? Quite a lot, in my experience…

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Music Education

No More Sore Throats! 10 Tips

No More Sore Throats! 10 Tips

You probably think this is a resolution you can’t keep, but you can. I’ve got tips for you that really work. 1,063 more words

Early Childhood Education

The Love Children of Tech and Music

So! If you’re interested in a list of different music tech, check this link out! It talks about different start ups, and apps for music lovers.


Music Education

New Year, New Mindset!

Welcome back to another great school year! This year, I hope to encourage my students that growth comes with hard work and effort, which is why I love this awesome bulletin board about growth mindset for musicians. 47 more words

Fingerplay: 手指变变变 [shou zhi bian bian bian]

It has always skipped my mind to introduce non-English songs to my young learners.

Quite awhile back I had visited a music shop in a very unusual place on mainland Penang. 156 more words

Music Education