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"Christmas Cool Piano Duets"

It’s that time of year when pianists and teachers dust off their trusty Christmas carol / songbooks. There’s plenty to choose from; my personal favourite easy solo collection is… 558 more words

Music Education

"Trepak" (Russian Dance) Listening Activity and Resource!

The following is a lesson that I’ve done with 1st graders, although it could easily work for your kindergartners as well.

My 1st graders were working on identifying ABA patterns in what we hear and we’re moving to show that we recognize this patterns. 388 more words

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Creativity, education and hip-hop

To focus on harmony as a repository of significance and creativity is a cliché of white western thought. It might seem that hip- hop, with its lack of harmonic development, is a minority interest of the marginal. 1,024 more words

Were you there? The 2015 New Band Music Reading Clinic Recap

by Ken Tilger, Band Education Specialist –

This past Friday and Saturday marked our 14th Annual New Band Music Reading Clinic held in conjunction with the Wind Band Invitational at Capital University. 304 more words

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TED Talk: Learning a Musical Instrument and Brain Development

Old stuff but timeless information on how learning to play a musical instrument positively affects your brain.

I’ve certainly learnt so much more about myself playing the drums and that has helped me build a rather successful career overall. 120 more words

Jason Cruz

How We See Empathy

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it. 712 more words

What I Believe

This is My Fight Song, Verse and Refrain Song, Learn Music Form sooooo-ong!

Hmm. I think my title pretty much sums up the lesson I’m about to tell you about. But perhaps I should elaborate just a little more. 536 more words

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