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Music Education: Source Readings From Ancient Greece To Today, Michael L. Mark


Mark, Michael L. (2008). Music Education: Source Readings From Ancient Greece To Today (3rd edition). 5-41. Routledge, New York.


This reading explores the effect music has on society and its role in public education. 308 more words

Music Education

10 Best Posts EVER

The beginning of the school year is when I often think about what my favorite lessons and activities are. The ones that you just keep coming back to time and time again because they are just that good. 449 more words

Music Education

Musicians & Music

Meet the extraordinary men and women of Northshore Concert Band who have dedicated their lives to making music!


Tyler Holstrom plays the Clarinet and has been with the Northshore Concert Band since 2014. 554 more words


Music and the Brain

Thank you CBS Sunday Morning for bringing this music learning and its benefits to everyone’s attention.

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Is pressure integral in the learning of music?

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