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The Music of My Life

I mentioned that I am a music fan. Music has been a part of my life as far as I remember from family gatherings to singing in church and school choirs to listening to AM radio as a child. 589 more words

Alternative Music

SXSW15 - Day 1: Observations

In the years between my last South by Southwest festival and the one that kicked off today, I’ve forgotten some things.

It’s that selective memory that mothers have that enables them to willingly give birth more than once (or so I’ve heard). 278 more words


Loyal Chicago Fan For 41 Years!

My all time favorite band is Chicago. They are genius at arranging their music. Each instrument playing a complex intregal part of each song. Amazing! 341 more words

"Ghost Stories"- New Album by Coldplay, May 19th release, 4 more days

I have been keeping myself busy over the past few days, lots of things to do at home, work, and dealing with personal things. However, all my personal issues are slowly being defeated as I am moving on with my live and leaving the people that try to keep me down. 348 more words


To Make Life A Mosh Pit

I’m a huge music fan. When I say huge, I mean I devote roughly 70% of my life to it. Besides Lost, there is no better subject matter with which to engage me in conversation.  1,237 more words