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The Jaded Perception of The Radio Record

A conversation I had with a couple good friends of mine that also work this radio/entertainment industry prompted this middle of the week post. I want to take some time to bring you into the world of radio and where the real changes need to occur in my view. 1,058 more words


The Too-muchness of Collecting Songs

Though I don’t miss eight-track cartridges, cassettes, or albums, I do miss how listening to one set of works at a time allowed me to get to know a particular set of music well. 620 more words


The Hybrid Album: A Music Product Strategy Proposal

We are in the midst of a transition from ownership to access models but it is a shift that will take a generation to complete.  The intervening years will all be about managing the transition, both in terms of educating consumers but also with regards to ensuring that the revenue shift is as smooth as possible.  354 more words

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Formatting My Music Includes Keeping it "Reel"


If you are on the right side of 50, you have lived through a music migration from records to cassettes to CDs to MP3s. 419 more words

The Write Side Of 50

the MiniDisc

Music formats have had many changes over the last twenty to thirty years – more so than any other time frame. We’ve gone from the huge jump away from vinyl to CD’s forced by the music industry in the early eighties (and back again …. 170 more words

Vintage Electronics

The Curious Case of the South Korean Music Market

(NOTE: you can download and keep this blog post as a pdf report by clicking on the report image at the bottom of the page) 1,215 more words

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