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Collecting Babymetal

Took a snapshot of the growing Babymetal collection. This one is going to keep me busy for quite a while. I would say that the foundation is in place, now I need to go for the rare and obscure stuff (like Sakura Gakuin, the limited edition Babymetal singles etc). 283 more words


Early summer potpourri

Summer Camps
For two extended periods in my personal history, Christian camping played a very important role in my spiritual and social life.  I began my summer Christian camp experience as an eight-year-old at… 1,088 more words


Nice Himeka Nakamoto covers

This is for the Babymetal fans out there. Su-metal (Suzuka Nakamoto) has an older sister that is part of a group called Nogizaka46. Here she is on two Japanese magazine covers, Gravure Young Champion (issues) 12 2017 and 10 2016. 8 more words


Play Me Out

Glenn Hughes “Play Me Out” (1977) popped up in the mail yesterday. The first in the official Glenn Hughes Remasters series from Purple Records this kicks everything off rather nicely. 31 more words


Fly To The Future

Well I have listened to the Karen Girl´s 2009 CD “Fly To The Future” and the seven songs on offer was obviously written to be part of an Anime show on television (see earlier post). 170 more words


Sakura Gakuin then and now

For fans of Babymetal, it is possible to dive into the history in a very real way if you fancy expanding the old collection a bit. 207 more words