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Your Weekend Entertainment

August 29, 2015

Your Weekend Entertainment

For this weekend, Dr. Kamsiah and I dedicate this BERSIH theme song to all Malaysians who are participating in the BERSIH 4.0 rallies today and August 30, 2015. 181 more words


Shakira power

I´m not into Shakira and the pop of today, but the fact that an artist can have close to 88,000,000 followers on Facebook is not lost on me, and that´s quite something. 53 more words


Record Collector 443

There´s a few nice features on The Monkees in Record Collector 443 (August 2015 issue), and I kind of like that. I bought a few records a few years ago and I still like some of that music. 69 more words


The Hegemony of Anglo-American Popular Music - an online discussion

Below is a discussion which took place in early August 2015 on Facebook between a range of different individuals, responding to my initial comments, positing that the truly hegemonic musical force in contemporary society is not modernism, nor the classical canon, but Anglo-American popular music, which is ubiquitous (I had been thinking this whilst away off the coast of Africa and hearing primarily local musicians playing renditions of Anglo-American standard hits). 9,820 more words

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Your Weekend Entertainment: Hits of The Sixties

August 15, 2015

Your Weekend Entertainment featuring Hits of The Sixties

Dr. Kamsiah and I propose to present to you hits of Sixties for this weekend. 1,602 more words


Behind Brigitte Bardot

Bought this gatefold sleeve LP the other day, “Behind Brigitte Bardot” by Pete Rugolo and Orchestra. This LP was originally released in 1960 and it consists of music from a few of her earlier films (as far as I can tell). 102 more words

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Your Weekend Entertainment By The Mekong

August 8, 2015

Your Weekend Entertainment By The Mekong

Crazy politics continues in Malaysia. Our Leader is concerned about his own political survival to worry about the state of our country and the substantial drop in the Ringgit -US Dollar exchange rate which has now breached the Rm4.0 mark, the lowest in 17 years. 289 more words

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