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SHOW REVIEW + INTERVIEW: The Unlikely Candiates


By the time The Unlikely Candidates made their way to The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they had already seen half of the country. 329 more words

Music Journalism

AJR Creates a Community at the Deltaplex


Photos by Austin Roa

AJR is a band of brothers, so, naturally, an AJR concert feels like a family reunion. 439 more words

Music Journalism

"Once you get to the top you realise there’s nothing there” | half•alive Q&A

Words: Laura Weingrill

They wear knit sweaters, colourful pants and look like nerds with a slight hint of grandfather, but as soon as the voice of Josh Taylor fills the room, bassist J Tyler Johnson gets going and Brett Kramer hits the drums, one quickly realises that behind the inconspicuous wallflowers, there is a lot more to discover. 1,305 more words


Live Review: Mariana's Trench @ Scala, 21.11.19

Words: Abi Scaife | Photography: Roman Zugarazo

Opening with the vocal-heavy ‘Elenora’, the set is powerful from the get go. Though they revisit songs from their second and third albums, like the punk-ish ‘Cross My Heart’ and fan favourite ‘Stutter’, the setlist has a heavy focus on eerie fifth studio album… 171 more words


Live Review: Luna Bay @ Scala, 21.11.19

Words: Anna Runa-Umbrasko | Photography: Ciaran Frederick

Luna Bay are on a roll. Following their last headline 300-cap show, they now play to their biggest sold-out show at the historic Scala in London with around 1,100 people in the crowd. 351 more words


Live Review: PUP @ Electric Ballroom, 20.11.19

Words: Arthur Willis

For a sound so deeply rooted in punk, PUP are a band that go above and beyond to provide impeccable musicianship and attention to detail, all the while providing incredibly catchy and relatable anthems. 330 more words


10 Rules of Music Journalism

Featuring band names ripped from the aisles of Whole Foods.

1. Presuppose your band’s genius with select phrasing. The brilliance of Just the Flax, Ma’am is found in how they . 804 more words