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MECHANYZD set to muscle back into Dubai rock scene led by renowned crowd-teaser Harris Dio Smith

By Nancy Collisson

Solid rock pillar Mechanyzd stands untouched in the region primarily for lead singer Harris Dio’s crushing vocals. Dubai Eye interviewer Mark Lloyd described as ‘absolutely brilliant’ Harris’ live, on-air, back-to-back performances of music spectrum ends Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ followed by ACDC’s Brian Johnson’s ‘Back in Black’ and Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant’s ‘Black Dog.’ … 278 more words

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Ten Minutes of Classic Kali Uchis

Since the release of her debut album ‘Isolation’ in 2018, listeners have eagerly awaited more music from already established R&B icon Kali Uchis. Her previous projects have always been tantalisingly good, and Uchis has a way of stringing us along, always wanting to hear more of her wistful vocals. 490 more words


dad sports Tackles Pre-Relationship Butterflies By Going “out 4 a breather”

“Do you know my name? I think you’re kinda cool,” Miguel Plante, the lead singer of the Ottawa indie pop band dad sports, questions in the group’s latest song, “out 4 a breather.” It’s a straightforward line, but it accurately sums up the contemplation and feelings of anxiety that ensue before asking someone out. 406 more words

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From the Archives: Die Antwoord (2010)

I have a very extensive catalogue of old articles that I think are worth revisiting. Here’s one of them, which I can hardly believe is almost a decade old. 1,796 more words


EOB - Earth, An Enigma in Music

Ed O’Brien’s debut solo album, Earth is confusing, adventurous and slick. O’Brien is more notoriously known as the foundation of Radiohead’s rhythm and guitar work, whilst Greenwood and Yorke push boundaries in music experimentation. 539 more words


Song Machine Episode 1 - If a Candy Cane Wrote Music in Summer

Slowthai, Slaves, Damon Albarn – this track is wild. It’s like a music cocktail crafted by Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll. It’s a fucking mess, in all the best ways. 324 more words