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How to Read Music: Time Signatures

The Time Signature, written immediately after the key signature, is a pattern of numbers that looks like a fraction that tells you two things: 121 more words

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How to Read Music: Key Signatures

The Key Signature is a pattern of sharps or flats (or none at all) written at the very beginning of a piece of music, immediately after the clef. 219 more words

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How to Read Music: Note & Rest Durations

Commonly-used note and rest durations for your information.  Don’t fuss to much about this as the moment, as we are going to go deep into the music when we explore time and rhythm in later lessons. 50 more words

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Music Notation: Sharps, Flats, and Naturals

Consider the note G above middle C. Any note head that falls on the line named “G” will be a “G something”.  Let’s take a look at what those “ 197 more words

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Harmonica lesson via skype with Bill in San Francisco

Bill graduated
from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA in 2000 for a Bachelor’s in
Communications and Music. Bill started playing piano at age 3, learning how to… 118 more words

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How to Read Music: Lines & Spaces

The notes are named by using a simple pattern of horizontal lines and spaces as follows: 548 more words

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How to Read Music: G-Clef & F-Clef

The Grand Staff consists of an upper staff and a lower staff. Each staff consists of five lines and four spaces and each staff has a fancy symbol at the beginning called a clef. 169 more words

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