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From the Hands of Babes

 T working on a new piece called “Floodtime.” 2:20

I sat mouth opened with astonishment as I watched this little boy play the piano. His accomplishment reminded me of a few facts – children can begin learning sooner than many of us think, it can be difficult to understand what children can do unless we expose them to positive endeavors, the greats of the past had fewer distractions than children do today and music education is beneficial in several ways. 495 more words


Let’s Get Jazzed About Summer Music

Okay music teachers let’s get jazzed about summer and teaching our songs related to the season. How about learning music from the sixties and seventies? Surfing music from the Beach Boys, Bruce and Terry with “Summer Means Fun”, The Rivieras with “California Sun”, Ronny & the Daytonas with “G.T.O.”, and the Rip Chords with “Hey Little Cobra”, Jan & Dean, with “Surf City”. 149 more words


Get Jazzed About Learning a New Instrument For Summer! Part 2

With music lessons during the summer students will learn the basics of music theory. Individual music lessons are a plus when it comes to theory. Theory can be very frustrating if you are a new music student and then all of a sudden you’re thrown in with a whole group of other students who are in the same boat. 299 more words


The 10 Worst Things to Do Before Your Piano Exam – Piano Teacher in Wallsend, NSW

Exam season is approaching and for many, it will be your first time experiencing a piano exam. Twelve months of work (or longer for Preliminary students) are culminating in this moment, giving you an opportunity to showcase everything you have learnt and practised. 262 more words

Piano Lessons

Get Jazzed About Learning a New Instrument for Summer! Part 1

Summer is approaching and the end of the school year is fast approaching. How about signing up your children for music lessons for the summer? This is a great idea especially if you are going to be spending the summer around the house. 379 more words

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