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Kitsch-Instrument Pulls a Sonata out of your Dishware

Remember those childhood memories of your grandmother telling you to stop hammering away at her pots and pans? Odds are pretty good that the last time you struck a beat with her dishware, you had a few more years to go before you understood tempo and rhythm. 277 more words

Musical Hacks

One Man's Mini Symphony of Many Strings

If you don’t get along with your orchestra, screw ‘em. proves that you can play each of the virtuosic string instruments yourself, all at the same time (with the exception of the double bass of course). 242 more words

Musical Hacks

Music Animation Machine "Schubert, Piano Trio in E-flat major, 2nd mvt"

“Music moves, and can be understood just by listening. But a conventional musical score stands still, and can be understood only after years of training. The Music Animation Machine bridges this gap, with a score that moves — and can be understood just by watching”. 60 more words


Lego Roundup

Wired UK covers a really cool analog music machine designed by Alex Allmont:

“I use a lot of technology but I get frustrated when the workings of something is hidden, I like to see the whole process,” Allmont says. 71 more words


Have Patience

As I’m praying for a friend this morning to have patience, this childhood song is now in my head… :)