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Music Monday :: my thoughts on Heads Up

I am ready for Warpaint’s girl rage tonight.

“Whiteout.” Oh it’s got like, electric twang. Très grindhouse gothic trash but it’s not actually trash, if that makes any sense? 245 more words

music monday 9.26.16

i really liked Bitsy’s playlist, so i thought i would make one of my own! i dont know where this will go in the future (or if i’ll even keep it up), but for today’s instalment, i’m just gonna throw a whole lot of genre-confetti at you and let you pick what you want to listen to (though these are all really dope songs; i implore you to step out of you usual genre and try something new). 78 more words


Music Monday

Is it physically possible to listen to this and not dance?

#MusicMondays [Watch] @TeamTweezie - 1st and 3rd

For #MusicMondays, we want you to watch hip-hop artist Tweezie new music video “1st and 3rd”:

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Music Monday / 19

Summer is finally over and Fall has arrived! You can now get the Pumpkin Spice Latte and enjoy the cooling of the weather. In Vegas, it is still too warm to bust out the pull-over sweaters and hoodies, but I am so looking forward to it. 149 more words


10 Songs About Love That I Love

Yesterday I wrote about love. Let’s keep the love fest going for Music Monday, shall we? Today I bring you my top 10 list of songs about love. 428 more words