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Music & Other Gems May 14-17, 2018 – Bliss Revisited

Co-creativity abounds this week! Thanks to Mary Linn for diving into the original Bliss routine from 1998! And I had fun putting the moves to an eclectic blend of music, too! 660 more words

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Listen up, people!!! John Mayer has NEW music. Yes, I said it…new music. He recently came out with a new single called, “New Light”, which showcases his vocal and instrumental talents. 53 more words

Music & Other Gems May 7 - 10, 2018 – Dancing with Sound, Sensation & Space

Friends, this is a focus that has captured my body, mind and imagination. It started as a pearl that dropped into a class several weeks ago (a “pearl” is simply a word, phrase or image that comes to a teacher that she doesn’t “think” of) and since I received it, Sound Sensation & Space has been a mainstay of my personal practice. 740 more words

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Music & Other Gems Apr 30 – May 3, 2018: It Is What It Is...Or Is It?

Who knew that habit-breaking could be so much fun? I really enjoyed flipping my class prep habit on its head by starting with the music and letting the focus come just before class. 822 more words

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All The Best Spotify Gym And Workout Playlists To Follow Right Now

Last Updated: May 18th

Depending on the stage of a workout you find yourself in, there are plenty of things about getting your sweat on that could be considered the worst part. 1,178 more words

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Music & Other Gems Apr 21 - 26, 2018 – (inter)Connection & Relationship

NOTE: It was brought to my attention that these words were not spoken by Chief Seattle. From Snopes.com “The words Chief Seattle has become famous for were written by Ted Perry, the screenwriter for Home, a 1972 film about ecology. 929 more words

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Music & Other Gems Apr 16-19, 2018 – Full & Empty

Full & Empty. Whether we are talking about your breath or your stomach or your attention or your presence, full and empty have sensations. This week we went to the edges to explore the feeling of full and empty and did our best to avoid the mushy middle. 839 more words

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