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DJS faz o trabalho de PR para artistas que querem entrar no mercado da musica crista no Reino Unido, com verdade, arte e estratégia. Novos artistas que tem músicas originais, que podem ser referência dessa geração. 327 more words

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Atlantic US – Believe Digital – Big Life Management – Caroline International – Columbia – Communion – Cooking Vinyl – Essential Music & Marketing – Fiction – Fierce Panda – Kanine – Mexican Summer – Moshi Moshi – Naïve – Nettwerk – No Format! 64 more words

Music PR

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

I was The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s UK online publicist in 2014, which revived interest in the cult band to UK audiences.

Initially announcing the album on Vice’s Noisey UK site, the post was translated to European versions of the site and immediately picked up high engagement on Twitter, including praise from The Charlatan’s Tim Burgess. 54 more words

Music PR

Palace (Beatnik/Fiction Records)

I started working with Palace for their debut EP release in 2014 when they had management, live agent and radio plugger onboard.

With this EP, I introduced the band to UK online and print press, by carefully placing them with tastemaker blogs, websites and print magazine, such as Noisey, NME and Best Fit followed by a broader audience with online features with men’s title Esquire and reviews in nationals Shortlist and Guardian. 65 more words

Music PR

September 2017: Celebrities line up to back new single from south-west band, Littermouth

PRESS RELEASE: Celebrities line up to back new single from south-west band, Littermouth

‘Swindler, Liar, Shagger, Cheat’ single and video takes on the tabloids

Famous names like former Eastenders actor Leslie Grantham, TV presenter Jacqui Hames, TV Gladiator Eunice Huthart and royal butler Paul Burrell, all of whom have been victims of tabloid intrusion over the years, have lined up to back the new single and video from south-west based art rock band, … 447 more words

PR World - Inside the Intern Experience.

So after a whirlwind 2 weeks, my first official in-office Internship has (unfortunately) come to an end! I lacked the advice as to whether a PR Internship would be worth it, so (luckily) I went for it anyway – but I can tell you that some info on whether to take up an Internship, what kind to go for and what to expect would not have gone a miss! 614 more words


August 2017: 'Swindler, Liar, Shagger, Cheat' New video and single from south-west based art rock band Littermouth

PRESS RELEASE: Swindler, Liar, Shagger, Cheat

New video and single from south-west England based art rock band Littermouth

Performing and recording original self-penned material, Littermouth… 300 more words