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How to market and promote your hip hop / rap music right, pt 1.

So you are a rapper/hip hop artist, or you’re a producer who makes the instrumentals. You know you got the flames the world just needs to hear, but you want to know how to properly get the content out to the masses and stand out in a crowded field. 1,162 more words

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How Promoters and Venues Can Help the Artist

I have been thinking about gigs, specifically what makes a gig successful – one thing led to another and I started pondering the various experiences I and others have had with venues and promoters. 1,290 more words

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Brief Thoughts | On Social Media

Everyone has some form of social media. Let's just talk about Facebook for simplicity. First of all, if you do not have an artist account you need to make one ASAP.  103 more words


Brief Thoughts | On Posting Music Videos

First of all, shout out to everyone that has taken time and money to make a nice music video. You've taken precious time out of an, I'm assuming, already busy day. 112 more words


The Grassroots Music Scene and Diversity

I realise this is a loaded topic and I am opening a can of worms here, but today I’d like to discuss a subject close to my heart: diversity in the music scene. 1,163 more words

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Newmusic: Yahweh_APRO_ft_Sir Danny_Joe E.@Aprotight

We originally own it, they stole it while men slept. Have you ever imagined the kind of groove King David had that made him danced to almost nude? 68 more words

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