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Song of the Week

Tongues by Joywave:

This was a song recommended to me on my Spotify discover playlist. Algorithms at work! It’s got a unique twist to it that I really enjoy. 53 more words


Ashley's Music Trek (or, Albumism 2016, part one)

In my frankly too bountiful spare time, I tend to devolve to my most basic form: a girl who loves music. Since the beginning of the year I found and fell for a number of artists and bands, most of whom I’ve been stuck on long enough to know the lyrics by heart, and since I am still on the ground (and will stay on the ground until further notice), I think it is time to share. 1,800 more words


Trump Promises to Make Republicans the Workers' Party

What a great promise.  Here is the link to Politico’s coverage.

And here is the genuine un-retouched photo from the Workers’ Paradise.

“Workers of the World, Unite, you have nothing to lose… 172 more words


The Ruby Reel (J-Music Recs) :: Record #2

Welcome to back to another installment of Weslee’s J-Music Recommendation! These are purely based on my personal opinion, so you may or may not agree with them, but please be polite in the comments. 881 more words

Music Recommendations

Band Recommendation: Fickle Friends

My favorite band at the moment is Fickle Friends, I know it’s sort of a strange band name but don’t let that get in the way of listening to their music because they are really good. 227 more words

Songs That Your Ears Need to Listen To

These are my favorite new songs that I have discovered that you need to listen to. It’s mostly Indie but it has a mixture of Pop, Rock, etc. 165 more words

Music Monday

I’ve been obsessed with this song, particularly this version, for the better part of a month now. It got me through finals and the end of my semester in Italy, and two weeks’ traveling through Italy and Germany afterwards as an emotional wreck because I’d had to say goodbye to my friends and my girlfriend. 27 more words