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What's been goin' on?

The kids have been enjoying harvesting, cleaning and sautéing kale. It will start with Talia asking Rachel or me, “Can I go down to the garden with you?” Then everyone will want to come. 651 more words

Home And Hearth

some great songs to listen to

A couple of years ago, I had this wild idea to start a second blog for music with one liners like these to review and recommend songs. 291 more words


10 Songs to Listen to While You Write

I have a vaguely unfortunate writing habit where I play a song on repeat the entire time I’m working on a scene. And it needs to be that specific song, with that rhythm, and that mood–and I end up going through a lot of music trying to find perfection. 426 more words


Episode 64: New Again






Music News, Recommendations and Taking Back Sunday’s album New Again.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this great episode! All of our content can be found on AsinineRadio.com. 39 more words


September Music Spotlight: The Civil Wars

Nothing is perfect.  Musically, notes go astray, people sing off-key, instruments go out of tune, and melodies fail to impress.  While nothing is perfect and while no musical artists are perfect, there is one duo in particular that I believe came pretty close.   829 more words


TIPS - How I choose music for a workout playlist

I’ve learned a few things along the way when it comes to workout music. 744 more words


Music Recommendation: Add Violence by Nine Inch Nails

Being a Nine Inch Nails’ enthusiast since my pre-teens, I can safely admit that I never got over NIN despite the occasional pretentious exploitation of bizarre electro-industrial soundscapes they’ve carried out over the years. 455 more words

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