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A little overdue bass maintenance

I’ve been playing a bit more bass lately. Much less frustrating for me than guitar. This is a wacky little 1968 SD Curlee short scale. My bass teacher had one of these and I found one on ebay a while ago. 160 more words


Guitar Stand

Making a couple quick guitar stands. Using some of the mahogany from my friends porch. Taking the opportunity to practice making blind sliding dovetails.


Double Rainbow

Played a gig on upright last night. It was a party at a house out in the country. Weather was beautiful. It rained for 5 minutes at a set break. 36 more words


Quick bridge rebuild and replacement

Here is that wacky, cheap, 24” scale guitar that I rebuilt and replaced the bridge on.  The original bridge had no saddle, so I made the new one and put in a rosewood saddle.   92 more words