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Let's Talk About Neck Deep

I hopped on the Neck Deep train really late. I avoided them because I’m an asshole and believed “they’re just trying to be like The Story So Far.” I listened to 30 seconds of a song and I was like, “mhm, yep,” and gave up on them, because, as aforementioned, I’m an asshole. 399 more words


Nodens Ictus - Spacelines

Spacelines is an album by Nodens Ictus first released in 2000 on Stretchy Records. Later released on Original Masters in 2002, self-released in 2010, and there’s a Russian bootleg too. 112 more words

Obscure Music

Maggie's Pick 7.29.2015: Wishful Wednesday: "The Reason" by Hoobastank

Always had mixed feelings about this music video, but never about this song.



mYSTERIOUS sUMMER vACATION is a 2013 album by Meishi Smile released on Maltine. I forgot this was on Maltine until after I already chose to talk about this (I’ve had this since it came out pretty much so been awhile). 124 more words

Obscure Music

There's More to Strange Music than Tech N9ne

Strange Music is a Kansas City based label co-founded by Tech N9ne, the notorious emcee who is considered to be the worlds number one independent rapper. 734 more words

Music Review

Piah Mater - "Memories of Inexistence"

Brazil’s Piah Mater don’t really hide their influences on “Memories of Inexistence” but when a release sounds as good as this one, I am not worried how “Opethian” that they sound. 351 more words

Progressive Metal

COMPENDIUM – Iron Maiden: 1990 - 2010

TV evangelists…. nyctophobia…. giving Simon Cowell ideas… rebirth(?)… it’s the 2nd (and 3rd and 4th) phases of Iron Maiden. 2,299 more words