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Reason 7: "Love By Grace"

I have been doing a lot of thinking about love and family. I’ve been thinking about family after being with my Grandpa in the hospital last week and I’ve been thinking about love because it’s seems to be our only solution to everything. 218 more words

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Reason 8: "Troubled Heart And A Troubled Mind"

Today I woke up and found two more pimples brewing. I started my packing process yesterday to move. Everything is becoming real. The flux in life has begun! 295 more words


Music Review: Ambient Zone 2 - Just Music Cafe vol. 5

I feel very pleasantly like I’ve been in a coma and have just come out. This new compilation album of relaxing chillout ambient music is as astonishingly beautiful as it is serene. 509 more words

Music Review

Album Review - Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the disco

I’ll be honest with you, the music that I listen to hasn’t really changed in around 10 or 11 years. By that I don’t mean my taste in music, I mean the 99% of the music I listen to was recorded a decade ago. 383 more words

Unnecessarily Deep Review of Crappy Song Lyrics: "Cheerleader" edition

Today, for the 10,734th time, I heard OMI’s “Cheerleader”. Like all empty pop songs, it doesn’t warrant close scrutiny.

So let’s scrutinize it.

I finally actually heard the lyrics beyond “found myself a cheerleader” and it was confusing and frustrating to listen to. 819 more words

Music Review

Somi offers easy listening and intelligent discourse

This post is written by Moses Serubiri

When Somi sings, what has been classified as smooth jazz, with silky vocal work, offers a meditation on difficult migrations and the loss of cultural heritage. 497 more words


Music Review- Adele's Hello / Lacrimosa (Mozart) – ThePianoGuys

I know I’m throwing a lot of Adele’s Hello covers at you. Sorry about that. It seems that the song is so popular that everyone wants a piece of it, including The Piano Guys.  78 more words

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