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Madilyn Bailey 'Death Of Me' Song Review

Another clone here with another song that I’m pretty sure has already come out 50 times this year. From that statement alone you should be able to see where this review is going… Yeah the song sucks, let’s not gloss it up. 528 more words


Review// The Circus Of Horrors @ The Baths Hall Scunthorpe

The Circus Of Horrors have come a long way since first experiencing them on Britain’s Got Talent. Obviously on a TV audition a lot more is crammed into a small slot of time so I wasn’t quite sure what the full show would entail or how it would be padded out. 994 more words


Reniss’ Genre Fluidity in Tendon

Dzekashu MacViban

Post-“La Sauce” Reniss is restlessly creative and reinvents herself in a genre called Mboko Pop

Midway into Tendon (Reniss’ first album after two EPs and multiple singles), genre fluidity is the album’s most noticeable attribute. 187 more words

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My Review of The Serenity in Suffering by Korn

Growing up the nu metal pioneers Korn were everywhere. Even people who weren’t fans of metal had Follow the Leader blaring from their walkmans. Yeah walkmans who remember those things? 391 more words


Review: Sum 41 - 13 Voices

Canadian rock band Sum 41 are back with their brand-new, sixth full-length album 13 Voices via Hopeless Records. The ten-track record follows their 2011’s Screaming Bloody Murder… 340 more words


After pressing shuffle on my masses of saved songs on Spotify, here are the first three tracks that came up…

A beautiful track from an equally beautiful artist. 201 more words

Action Bronson ft. Big Body Bes 'Durag vs Headband' Song Review

So I recently watched Anthony Fantano’s ‘Best of the Week’ video which contained this track. Having known that he isn’t a big fan of Action Bronson, it was hence a surprise to me that he put this in the best category. 572 more words