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Passion Pit: Kindred review

3 out of 5 stars

“So much worse than anything they’ve ever done,” I said to myself while previewing the first half of the album. 117 more words


Sounds So Stunning - This Pianist Plays A Kendrick Lamar's TPAB Piano Cover

He goes by the YouTube username of PiaOwned and definitely owns one mastered dexterity at it fingertips

Having both his hands dancing and hopping onto these white and black keys, letting resonate the vibrating harmonies of the best Black Music. 563 more words

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The Dear Hunter

I realised earlier today that a Dear Hunter post was well overdue, with them having been one of my favourite bands for years. They’re a band who I always struggle to describe, especially trying to caption what makes them special to me, because in essence they’re a pop-rock band with the addition of orchestral instrumentation, but that does no justice to the grandeur and ambition of the band, and their principal creator Casey Crescenzo. 701 more words


Lullatone - Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous

Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous is a 2006 album by the self-proclaimed “pajama pop” duo, Lullatone. The album has been released as a self-released download and as a CD on Audio Dregs. 90 more words

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Ghana’s finest nifty, crafty,adroit,dexterous and industrous reggae soloist and  dancehall performer, Rexford Kojo Amoah, popularly known as Shatta Rako, the instigator of the name”SHATTA” in Ghana has raised his trepidation vis-a-vis musicians in Kumasi. 435 more words


Louise Golbey - Exclusive Interview For Debut Album 'Novel'

Louise Golbey, that one with a great ‘Potential’ that ‘Weighs A Ton’,

That one that actually had ‘Lots To Give’ to the London music scene… 1,046 more words

Music Review

The Heir Guitar

In 2002 I bought a used left-handed Brian Moore Custom P-90 guitar at South Paw Guitars in Houston, Texas. I had never heard of the brand, but this was an entire day in a store in busy Bellaire, Houston, where I just sat happily playing rack upon rack of lefty guitars. 709 more words

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