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Jay Z Might Personally Call You If You Sign Up For Tidal

If you sign up for Tidal Jay-Z may personally call you!?

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The Baffling (and Slightly Insane) World Of Streaming Payments, Explained

Generally speaking, radio simulcasts on the internet and services like Pandora and iTunes Radio pay lower rates than interactive services like YouTube and Spotify because those two services allow the listener to choose what they hear, while the former services are passive, and generally speaking, the listener has no control over what is played once they’ve made their initial choice on what kind of channel they want. 30 more words

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#FeedArt on Ms. Nix: TIDAL - A Wake Up Call For All Artists

Affluent artists must keep investing in themselves and their art to make sure that they remain wealthy. Money can be lost as fast as it was earned. 143 more words

Dangerous Words

New work!

New songs are coming online this next Monday (April the 20th). I’ve called the new album “Multiversum” and it contains 24 tracks new and old in a total of 48 minutes. 13 more words



This is the first in a series of blog posts covering topics related to music marketing. The slides in this post are from a presentation at the 2015 College Music Society Conference… 673 more words

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Mobile Music Madness

Mobile applications are one of the 21st century’s greatest inventions. The ease and simplicity of running a mobile application just as you would a web page on a desktop makes mobile applications appealing. 972 more words

Streaming, Music and Money: Independent Creators

Who makes money from streaming music and how much money are they making?

Two things should be kept in mind when you think about trying to answer these questions. 961 more words

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