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Mike Doughty Responds to John Seabrook at The New Yorker about Adele Doing Windows...

Musician Mike Doughty takes on the New Yorker’s anti-artist editorial “Who Is Really Paying for Adele?”. Seabrook argues that somehow Adele is cheating fans by not giving away her new, historical, record breaking album. 459 more words

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Playlist Prevention!

Well, normally, I would have had a nice, winter-themed video game playlist for you today, but 8tracks has decided to be a butt.

Part of their terms states that you can’t have more than 2 songs from any one artist…but apparently “Nintendo” counts as an artist.  106 more words


Thanks to Adele, Pandora Says 'Hello' to a Stock Price Bump

Shares in online music streaming service Pandora rose sharply on Wednesday thanks to Adele.

The company’s stock increased as much as 5.8% to $13.98 after it confirmed to… 246 more words


These Are Pandora's 100 Most Thumbed-Up Songs of 2015

2015 isn’t over yet, but Pandora is already celebrating another year of music.

The service recently launched Pandora Top Thumb Hundred, a streaming station that plays the 100 songs that were thumbed-up the most on Pandora this year. 674 more words

Chicken or the Egg

So, by now you all know about Adele’s new album, “25.” I think most of us can agree that it’s pretty fantastic. Just before it was released last week, Adele said that she would not make the full record available to stream on services such as Spotify. 215 more words

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Pandora Cinches Lucrative Deal to Stream the Ridiculously Popular "Serial" Podcast

Two weeks ago, Pandora announced a deal to stream Serial. On Tuesday, listeners will be able to hear the first season of the podcast on Pandora’s apps and site.

77 more words
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What's Good for Adele, Sucks For Everyone Else... And Here's Why...

We celebrate in all the success that Adele deserves. Like Taylor Swift and Beyonce’ before her the ladies are leading the industry with common sense. We applaud all three for windowing their new albums off of Spotify and other FREE streaming services. 832 more words

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