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Music Makes The Night

As a fashion junkie, I love all awards shows. What’s not to love…an entire night seeing amazing designer’s creations come to life with amazing styling on our favorite celebrities. 125 more words


(Any) Music Style Can Become a Graven Image

This is a Q&A from World Magazine (June 2013) with Alex McDonald, a Christian and Julliard trained pianist. He offers some helpful insights on worship music.  162 more words

Justin Bieber Wears Khaki Dad Shorts Over His Skinny Jeans and We Have So Many Questions

Justin Bieber doesn’t live by anyone’s rules, let alone anyone else’s style guidelines. When he doesn’t feel like taking selfies with fans anymore, he bans all fan photos… 198 more words


8 Important Things to Know If You're Going on a Date with Nick Jonas

Right now, Nick Jonas is at the top of his game. His latest album, Last Year Was Complicated, dropped last week, he’s about to embark on a… 741 more words

Guy Style

Beyoncé Has Major Wardrobe Malfunction on Stage, Naturally Handles It Flawlessly

Seeing as Beyoncé is perfect in every way possible, it seems like nothing — nothing — us mere mortals encounter could ever happen to her. But at her first New York performance she sneezed (and… 266 more words


Britney Spears Wears Very Little Clothing in New Music Video: A Look Back at Her Sexiest Ensembles

We’ve been fangirling over Britney Spears‘ wardrobe since she debuted her sexy school girl style back in 1998. And as her career progressed, her fashion choices have only gotten more captivating — and more naked. 285 more words