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What Were the Best Commercials of Super Bowl LI

Besides the upcoming movie trailers, the automobile industry came up with most of the best. Honda’s CRV’s talking yearbook and 84 Lumber’s immigration story were the most inspirational. 185 more words


Post-election action plan

The presidential election deeply disappointed and shocked me and many other progressive people dumbstruck at the rise of a man who has exhibited disturbing bigotry, racism and misogyny, in addition to rejecting some of the foundational social services and compassion we depend on to make the world a more equitable place. 1,371 more words


Lesson from "The Five Owls" - 3-Step Process for Children Literacy

Credit for this should be given to Holly and Dan Dailey, who worked tirelessly in Minneapolis on this project between 1980 and 2005:

Step 1: Make time for reading with your children. 73 more words


Factors of Senior Health & Safety & Happiness Longevity

Factors of Senior Health . . .

Item #A – “Seniors”, for lack of a better term, have some commonalities:


Mixed graffiti

Early morning.

I pedal around a bend in an urban bike trail, paralleling the train tracks on my way to the city. And suddenly: an enormous profile of a woman’s face looking up into the sky. 550 more words