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Music to My Ears: Cross Examination ~ Allegro (2016)

Mr. Panda pointed out something in the comments of the last post we had on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice’s music:

The Ace Attorney series has some of my favorite music ever!

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And when the notes strike just right
It’s like a drug to me;
Every strum of a chord,
Every pulse-like beat, every breath,
Every lisztomania-inducing lyric – 8 more words

Music to My Ears: Unfathomed Force

We’ve covered music from The Legend of Heroes series multiple times before in this space. Like a lot of work by Falcom Sound Team jdk, there are some excellent choices from a variety of games. 237 more words

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Music to My Ears: Basics of the Case

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice: Additional Colons was released a couple weeks ago, and pretty much the entire At the Buzzer crew has been playing it. 293 more words

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How Musicians Have Great Skin on Stage

GREAT music can dramatically improve the texture of your skin. Research says music is very much a helpful thing for physical and psychological aid. It helps improve mood while decreasing pain, anxiety, depression and even shortness of breath. 711 more words

Music To My Ears

Music to My Ears: Answers (FFXIV)

As Michaela mentioned in another post, we had the chance to go see the Distant Worlds concert in Phoenix this past weekend. It’s actually the third time I’ve been to a Final Fantasy live event — there was A New World last fall, and I was at the very first Dear Friends concert in North America in 2004. 305 more words

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Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

Today would have been Freddie Mercury’s 70th birthday.

Wow. It’s hard to imagine the flamboyant exuberant performer as a man of 70. I hope he’d still be wearing sparkles and fur and playing up to the crowds. 372 more words

Music To My Ears