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Jammin in Queens 

Nothing like a good jam session in Queens! Payag is great for awesome Filipino food and good vibes, I had the fish soup before being called up to freestyle. 17 more words


Music to My Ears: Brothers

So this probably feels like cheating, especially after we blurred the lines last time by featuring music from Steins;Gate. That music was legitimately in the game, though, so you’re probably wondering, “What the hell is the video game connection?” 356 more words

Video Games

Music to My Ears: Gate of Steiner

We’ve talked several other times on this site about the magnificence of Steins;Gate, but there hasn’t been much mention of the music. Time to change that. 295 more words

Video Games

Voices of Silence

Missing:  one voice, last heard ordering a coffee

I’ve never worried about being voiceless.  I don’t live in places where I find my voice silenced.  And yet suddenly that is exactly what has happened.   222 more words

Going to hold on to What I Know

Tricia BrockWhat I Know lyrics | LyricsMode.com

It’s been another day when it seems like faith eludes me
Everything’s been so confusing
Fear got the best of me… 166 more words

Tricia Brock

Tattoos in the workplace - all the world's a stage

On Tuesday night I went to see a production of Saturday Night Fever at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. I was surprised to see that the chararcter playing Tony Manero had tattoos on his back during one of the scenes where he took his top off, and also that the (female) club singer character had a full sleeve and back tattoos. 677 more words


Music to My Ears: Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Hey y’all! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m your sophomore correspondent forMusic to My Ears, my personal outlet that showcases what Brown’s music scene has to offer! 229 more words

Music To My Ears