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System of a Down


Chop Suey
Pony and his possee listened to their songs on a loop. I was the cool mom who liked the same tunes. Took the gang to Ozzfest for his 15th birthday. 26 more words

Music To My Ears

Music to My Ears: Dragonborn

Ah, Skyrim. What hasn’t been said about this epic game by this point? A beautiful open world full of interesting areas to discover with a character that you could customize in a multitude of ways. 204 more words

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music to my ears

I love the calm cadence of your voice
and the way you make rare
the everyday

waves rolling in on the beach
wind whispering in the willows… 102 more words

Spiritual Formation

4 Songs That Get Me on a Deeper Level

Hey Inquisitive Writers! Today I will be writing about songs that I love to listen to, and why I really love them. 186 more words


Music to My Ears: Burn (Tales of Berseria)

Tales of Berseria released in the States (and a few other places) last week, and unlike other games in the series, we haven’t talked about it much in this space. 236 more words

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Music to My Ears: Believe in Me

We’ve covered the Tales series in other posts on the site before, but after looking at the opening for Xillia, I figured it would be worth checking out one of the other really good songs from the game. 204 more words

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Captain Trips

Billy Bob’s entire crew is down for the count. The flu is rampant. He is the only one well enough to work. But alas it’s a rainy gray day in San Antonio Texas. 254 more words

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