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Music to My Ears: Phantasmal Blaze and Blue Destination

Okay, this is the last week we’re going to feature Trails of Cold Steel II for a while, I promise. But there were a couple tracks that I’ve been putting off for potential spoiler reasons, and they might be the two best songs on the entire album. 374 more words

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Music to My Ears: Aria ~Holy Saint, Holy Spirit~

This is one of the coolest songs in Trails of Cold Steel II, and like the last track we covered, it’s actually a reference to a song from earlier in the series. 252 more words

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Dear Voice

Dear Voice,

You’re the music to my ears. You’re the joy that beautifies my soul. You’re always there when I need you. That soothing sound of your sweetening melody takes me to a place beyond compare. 113 more words







I’ve got this brittle bone thing going on and I am afraid the death of the medication. Because you know Big Pharma and all those quacks.  44 more words


Revile You Web MD

my own fault

I looked up Alendronate Sodium 70 mg

Ugh!  I have not started taking the meds yet and I am completely deer in the headlights not sure I should… 89 more words


A Sounding Silence.

Silence is golden, right?

I beg to differ. Music…

Now that’s golden. I’m sure not one of you could say you haven’t listened to a single song your entire life. 413 more words