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Music to My Ears: Box 15/16 (Danganronpa)

It seems like a disservice to have finished the first Danganronpa game and not get around to covering any of the music. There’s a cool, funky, jazzy vibe to most of the soundtrack, and several songs stick out when they pop up throughout your miserable time in Hope’s Peak. 349 more words

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Words of female wisdom!

Everyone has lows in their career, regardless of how far along in their career path they are. Pursuing your dreams is scary and there is always a fear of failure, no matter how successful you become.

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Music to My Ears: Phantasmal Blaze and Blue Destination

Okay, this is the last week we’re going to feature Trails of Cold Steel II for a while, I promise. But there were a couple tracks that I’ve been putting off for potential spoiler reasons, and they might be the two best songs on the entire album. 374 more words

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Music to My Ears: Aria ~Holy Saint, Holy Spirit~

This is one of the coolest songs in Trails of Cold Steel II, and like the last track we covered, it’s actually a reference to a song from earlier in the series. 252 more words

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