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Black Love Matters; Part 1

Shout out to my FaceBook friend, Vicky Rogers-Burks, who hipped me to this brother.

Politics, Imperialism, Colonialism

The lesson

“My world seems empty without you”, the boy told the girl.

“And every day we are apart diminishes me greatly”, she replied. They clutched at each other with a feverishness such as a hungry man clutches at a piece of sandwich, after three days without eating. 2,494 more words

Politics, Imperialism, Colonialism

Trust in the process!

Those of us who are awoke enough to our failed station and place under the jack boots of white pathology…so few of us indeed….overstand that the effect and affect is not as blatant as a bullet to the chest, a billy club across the skull, redlining or decades of misedumacation to embrace Eurasian culture over our Afrikan one. 1,965 more words

Politics, Imperialism, Colonialism

The fail of modern civilization in Afrika

Civilization, according to modern definition, is the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced. People, today, often equate things like the modern railroad, tel-LIE-vision or even social media, with progress and with civilization”. 1,686 more words

Politics, Imperialism, Colonialism

talking 'bout a revolution

“Watching Hidden Colors twice a week, creating memes, eating a alkaline diet while wearing your dashiki will not set your people free. You like style over substance. 2,671 more words

Politics, Imperialism, Colonialism