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papi pacify

i feel mesmerized by this video. it’s so sensual and beautifully shot…



Music Throwback Thursday: Nostalgia Edition

In my humble opinion, music is one of the best and most powerful mood changers. It’s not news that hearing a song can change your day for the better (or worse), and can make you feel some special way. 315 more words


Cry of the Black Birds (2006)

I find Amon Amarth’s music an absolute joy. This clip, too – they are the masters of synchronised headbanging. I am still kicking myself for not going out of my way to see their live concert when they were in Australia a year ago.


Jazz Guitar: Listen First, THEN Play

With great jazz playing fresh in my ear, I can play from inspiration,

instead of fear…

hey, that rhymes….so fun.

Andy Grammer's Honey I'm Good Video Is So Cute!!!

Andy Grammer’s new single “Honey I’m Good” is not only super catchy, but the video is adorable! It’s a bunch of couples that have been together from 5 months to 71 years! Check it out.


Music Video Of The Week: Let Me Burn by Whitechapel

One of my favorite records from 2014 that I couldn’t remove from my car CD player (yeah I have one of those) was Whitechapel’s Our Endless War… 214 more words