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Listening while Writing: Music or White Noise?

I’ve tried listening to music while writing and for the life of me, I still haven’t managed to do it successfully. My mind wanders and I begin to sing along with the lyrics or humming the tune when listening to a instrumental. 345 more words


Elected by Rori Shay

Today is my stop on the blog tour for ELECTED by Rori Shay! This is one book you don’t want to miss and is out TODAY! 1,715 more words

Music To Write To #AtoZChallenge #AprilA2Z 'M'

Music. I wish I had more time to talk about how amazing music is and what it does for me. Alas, I’ve decided to keep these posts as close to 500 words as possible, so I can’t. 523 more words

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NaNoWriMo Survival Guide Tip One: How to Catch Up

So.  You’re supposed to be at 15,000 words right now.  Chances are, you’re not.  I rarely was staying on track by this time in the month.  478 more words

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Soca Time, Music Monday

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know. I missed Music Monday.

Look, in my defense, I (well, the fam) have been making some major decisions, and it’s sucking up most of my time. 143 more words

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Music Monday

Maaaan…today was a doozy…and not just because it’s Monday. (Well, that too.) I swear, there has got to be a nymph out there personally delivering messages to everyone I know to nag me on Mondays. 300 more words

Daily Thoughts

Mixing Arts

I love hearing about people who discover a musician because their favorite author posted a playlist of the songs they listened to while writing a book.   425 more words