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Emerging Writers' Festival 2014

The great folk at the EWF have asked me to be part of a panel titled “Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll” at the National Writers’ Conference… 110 more words

Adam Curley

The United States of Courtney Barnett

Published by Mess + Noise, 02 December 2013. Read the full article.

The notice taped to the warehouse utility door appears to mock the broad security guard lumped on a stool to the door’s left-hand side. 260 more words

Adam Curley

Are You Comfortable?


Published by Mess + Noise, 18 March 2013. 271 more words

Adam Curley

U.S. goes ‘Gaga’ over pop stars, The Eagle

Lady Gaga can do whatever she wants. Endless radio play of disco stick innuendo? Sure. Dress of Kermit the Frog dolls? No problem. Choreographed wheelchair dances followed by an over-the-top staging of her own death? 807 more words

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Ladyhawke brings ‘big synths’ to 9:30, The Eagle

The words “BIG SYNTHS” appear in block letters on the projector screen hanging over the stage of the 9:30 club. This is the Perez Hilton Tour, and when it comes to spectacles, everyone knows the celebrity blogger goes big or goes home. 579 more words

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Artist shows rap is a ‘Blank’ slate for females, The Eagle

Amanda Blank is the kind of girl who loves to yell at her audience and hates to wear pants — or at least that’s the impression she left on her last tour. 714 more words

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