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The Furious Seasons - My Love Is Strong

The Furious Seasons – My Love Is Strong
Stonegarden Records – SGN-626
Not sure why these guys have sort of flown under the radar for three albums, as they should be on the scope of anyone who loves edgy, hooky, folk-pop. 229 more words

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Dwayna Litz - I'm The Girl I Used To Know Again

Dwayna Litz – I’m The Girl I Used To Know Again
Sometimes when you have a wonderful voice, that is all you truly need to touch people with your music. 226 more words

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Evan - New Folk

Evan – New Folk
Wisconsin born and raised Evan Meulemans may call his third release “New Soul”,€ but you can tell he follows closer to the footsteps of classic folk artists. 203 more words

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Guitar, goes deep under the skin!

How powerful would be the sound of a guitar?


on the SPOTify

If you don’t have Spotify.. seriously.. what are you doing with your life? Pandora iTunes

They must have a bomb @$$ staff b/c the desktop player has really come a long way. 95 more words


Eargasm of the Day - I Wonder Man

Here’s something to get you hyped up and motvated

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