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Joe Maxwell Clippings (1907–1909)

Joe Maxwell is one of the more elusive Edison recording artists. These clippings are from an unknown source (June 2, 1907), top; the Indianapolis Star (December 12, 1909), … 16 more words

Cylinder Records

Photo Gallery • Blanche Ring On and Off Stage (1907–1912)

We’re finally getting around to sorting the mass of original theater-related clippings in Bill Bryant’s papers. Someone carefully cut these from newspapers and stage magazines of the early 1900s — unfortunately  not always preserving the running-heads, so sources and dates are lost in some cases. 95 more words

78 And Other Disc Records

Female Impersonator on Vocalion Records (1923)

Bert Savoy was a female impersonator who teamed with Jan Brennan in vaudeville around 1916. The team was an immediate hit and went on to appear in… 97 more words

78 And Other Disc Records