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Year 6 Machine compositions

During Term 2 Year 6 have been working on understanding Musical Elements. In groups they have composed machine music, using the elements they have been studying: dynamics, texture, tempo, timbre, silence, duration, pitch and structure.



Worlds On Fire

The musical elements of Worlds on Fire by The Butterfly Effect are complex and varied. The song is through-composed, and loosely follows an AABA structure. However, at the refrain, the song changes markedly. 247 more words

Musical Elements


The song Cecilia originated when, at a party, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel began “banging on a piano bench”. The unusual and distinct rhythm comprised of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel slapping their thighs, while Paul’s brother banged the piano bench and another friend strummed a guitar with strings slackened to the point of atonality. 168 more words

Musical Elements

The Feeling 90's Hip Hop Music Creates

Music is most easily understood as a communication. Throughout this blog I discuss how
music creates meaning through the artist’s expression. The artist will usually have a story to tell or an issue to raise or might just want to share their emotions with the listener. 474 more words


Reflection and Reason

The reason I have used the chosen medium of a blog for my assignment is because I was certain on doing a project relating to music in regards to the topic of hip-hop and rap culture in 90’s New York. 563 more words