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Musical Instrument Museum 

Yay! We have been wanting to see this new museum for a while now! There were so many cool things to see, listen to, and even play with. 176 more words


MIM's the Word

I am drawn to the strings.
They reach out like musical staffs of cob web strands.
It’s a living thing;
this obsession with plucked notes and the sleight of hand… 65 more words


带娃看世界- 亚利桑那红土与沙漠之旅 A Day with Music

熟悉才宝的人都知道,他是个爱音乐的娃。从小就喜欢各种乐器,尤其对小提琴情有独钟。五岁的时候开始跟随王老师学琴,小提琴就基本不离身,连旅途也不放过。整理好自己的小箱子,自然也忘不了琴盒和乐谱。旅途第一天,我们在凤凰城Phoenix歇脚。网上一查,这里排名第一的attraction竟然是Musical Instrument Museum,这简直正中下怀。

这个博物馆有两层楼,进去一看,格外高大上,比圣地亚哥的音乐博物馆大好多啊!里面介绍各种乐器,各国乐器,各音乐家使用过的乐器,以及和乐器相关的内容。进入博物馆每个人会发一个类似audio tour的无线耳机,通过无线hot spot,每走到一个地方,就会播放结合展品和视频的音乐。爱音乐娃看的很开心.

在Artist展厅,很有多近现代音乐家的展品。不仅有已逝的猫王,解散的Beatles, 还有我们去看过演出的Police,甚至还有最新的Taylor Swift的演出乐器和服装!有意思的是,2008年北京奥运会开幕式的一架大鼓也被搬到了这里,成为了展品。


博物馆里还有个Experience Galaxy, 里面专门放了各种乐器供大家玩,有中国的鼓,韩国的钹,南美的竖琴,北美的吉他什么的。才宝一进去就这里打打,那里敲敲,玩的不亦乐乎。我也挑了几样轻巧的放在妹妹手里,让她东敲敲,西敲敲。我自己也拨弄了几下竖琴,装作很懂行样子,哈哈。

博物馆大厅摆放着大钢琴,游客可以自由演奏。好几个孩子纷纷去表演,哎,可惜没有小提琴啊。最后意犹未尽,在gift shop买个了音乐盒带回家


Museums and Capital Conversion

“The Senate Finance Committee is scrutinizing nearly a dozen private museums opened by individual collectors, questioning whether the tax-exempt status they enjoy provides sufficient public benefit to justify what amounts to a government subsidy.”

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Video of the Week #21

First, watch the movie. Then, if you haven’t yet, read my article MIMeography and watch my MIM slideshow.


Sunday, October 4

During the first weekend in October, dance your way to the theater to see Chicago The Musical, learn about German culture through music and yodeling at the Musical Instrument Museum and share a laugh with comedian and… 300 more words

What Happens When You Let A Musician Loose In A Musical Instrument Museum?

Did you know there’s a musical instrument museum??? Call me uncultured, but I would have never imagined this thing existed! Nor would I have known that there are over 6,000 musical instruments in existence! 127 more words