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Risky:The Road to Voicelessness


Writing this is risky. Every day, another woman finds herself being silenced. Why? Because she has attracted the attentions of an emotional abuser.

They sat in the crowded auditorium, watching local children performing in ‘Oliver!’ Madeleine’s humour was poked and then unleashed by the brilliant acting skills of Paul, who was playing Fagin. 583 more words

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Interview: Sarah

Today we’re joined by Sarah. Sarah is a phenomenal young cellist who has been playing the cello for a few years now. They’re very dedicated to music as you’ll soon read. 489 more words


Art Festival at Thornebrook, Oct. 21-22, 2017

I’m looking forward to being an artist at the Art Festival at Thornebrook, Oct. 21-22, at the Thornebrook Village in Gainesville. I hope to see you there. 231 more words

Musical Instruments

The Apprehension Engine


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Thanks to Donna at MyOBT for this guest post. I usually avoid horror movies, but I am so intrigued by this instrument, I may just go see The Witch. Or maybe I'll just watch these videos again.