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Conducting a Choir: a short-lived experiment

Almost 3 years ago, Older Daughter took up the challenge of directing one of our church choirs.  Shortly after, I started singing with that choir.  It was good to get back to choral singing as I had not sung in a group since high school. 313 more words

Trying Something New

I Love Marching Bands

I’ve loved Marching Bands ever since college football days.  We were blessed with a decent football team and a Marching Band to boot.  There is something very uplifting and inspiring about the Band playing on a crisp autumn day during half-time – they made you want to stand up on the bleachers, dance & cheer! 81 more words


The Pearl of Great Value

I guess most people have favourite quotes and poems and posters which adorn their walls, some faded copies from years ago.  A favourite of Music Teachers is one which is entitled “This is why I teach Music”: 2,599 more words


Musical Musings: Chopin and Schumann I

The personal and professional relationship between Frederic Chopin and Robert Schumann has always fascinated me. I guess I ended the title with a roman numeral in expectation of this becoming a multi-part discussion. 293 more words


My Journey with Taiko Drumming

Some 10 years ago, Older Daughter & I stood in the atrium of the Esplanade: Theatres by the Bay, mouths agape in wonder as we watched & listened to the rhythms of a taiko drum resonating through us.   561 more words


The King

It’s been awhile since I posted a new song.

But not because I haven’t been writing and playing.

To the contrary: I’ve been doing a good deal of both, and with some truly amazing musicians. 631 more words

Musical Musings

Musical Musings: Interpersonal Relationships

Music is present across nearly all cultures in the world. It has major social significance and causes debates, brings both large and small groups of people together, causes emotional responses, and has many other social functions. 926 more words