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Jesus is Better

There’s a song that’s been a constant refrain in my head the past year. If I could have an anthem, this would be it.

Jesus is better. 265 more words


The Winner takes it all

“The Winner takes it all” decries ABBA’s blonde Agnetha, in one of the pop world’s most anguished break-up songs. The “Loser” in contrast, is “standing small” or “has to fall”. 1,332 more words



I heard a great quote from Forrest Griffin the other day.

Griffin is probably one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. He’s a pretty sharp guy, as well. 172 more words

Musical Musings

Old Friends

In June of 2009, Neil and I spent an obscene amount of money on concert tickets – more so than ever before or since. We rationalised this, as the Australian Prime Minister of the day had declared that in order to “stimulate the economy” he would send folk with children a cheque for around $900. 1,448 more words



We awoke as usual and yet something seemed off and yet I couldn’t quite place what it was. I lay in bed, enjoying the morning sounds of our house as the sun rose, the deep breathing of our four-legged kiddos and the snoring of our youngest human as he had come into our room in the middle of night with his sleeping bag and made himself comfortable on the floor near the fan. 399 more words

Real Life

A memory...

It was a stretch of time in which we weren’t communicating much at all. Life and our real-life obligations being the priorities that they need to be. 152 more words

Musical Musings

Mel Brown Jazz Camp 2015

Crock bassist Christian participated in a week-long jazz music camp put-on by Mel Brown and friends at Western Oregon University.   The camp featured a week of music instruction, jazz combos, and in general some fun music schooling with great musicians and music teachers in Oregon.  15 more words