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"You Gotta Sin..."

Along with the Podcast that I’m doing with my buddy Rod, I will also throw in some album reviews from some of my favorites over the years. 1,156 more words


"The Blues In Black & White"

This past weekend’s adventure was a quick, 24hr, trip to the heart of Chicago and the heart of the Blues, Chess Records.  2120 S Michigan Avenue is still the physical building and has been repurposed as the… 386 more words

Musical Musings

Music soothes Longing

This is written in response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, Longing

There are times in my life when I feel an inexplicable sense that something isn’t quite right in the universe, a longing for something that I can’t articulate; this is a feeling that Loving Husband has termed my “existential loneliness”.   339 more words


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I have enjoyed visiting & revisiting re-posted posts on Blogs I follow.  They are reposted typically because they have a significance to the Writer, and having the opportunity to read it (again) is a privilege. I am inspired to do the same; repost something from my archives, once each month this year. Care to join me and celebrate our Pasts together?  If you decide to join in, ping back to this post so I can find you. Last month, I revisited the idea of Seasons in our lives.  This month, in line with my conversations about Beauty, I relook the role of music in my Life. After the brush with pneumonia & the long ICU stay in May last year, it took a while to recover the ability to talk.  And sing.  As I struggled to regain control over my vocal chords, I promised myself that once I was better, I would do something more with my voice.  I have since begun singing lessons (with Mom & Dad).  Funnily & happily, the singing exercises have helped my running; using the breathing techniques I learn in our singing sessions, I can control my breathing better which translates into running faster & longer.  Once again, I am reminded of how precious music is.

Kunio Kishida, Japanese musician with a southern rock soul!!

I wrote this article for a facebook group about a recording artist, guitar shop owner/teacher, and lover of great guitar music .  It’s a Q&A through email about him, his experiences as a guitar player, and while heavily favored on the Allman Brothers Band, Kunio explores wide range of interesting topics. 3,111 more words

Musical Musings

R.I.P. T.Swift

By Lindsay Pytel

Originally published on quchronicle.com on August 29, 2017

“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.” “Why?” “Oh, ‘cause she’s dead!” 639 more words


Logic made the right call

By Lindsay Pytel

Originally published on quchronicle.com on Sept. 5, 2017

Maryland rapper Logic is encouraging others who are struggling to call the suicide hotline with his song “1-800-273-8255.” The 27-year-old performed the song at the Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Aug. 796 more words


Miley's Groovy New Album

By Lindsay Pytel

Originally published on quchronicle.com on Oct. 3, 2017

“Younger Now” is the epitome of a rainbow. Just like the colors, every song is different, but when you put them together it makes something beautiful. 1,029 more words