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I get really passionate when talking about music. I also have a lot of different favourite genres and bands and artists, and a lot of special tracks to listen on specific days or occasions. 677 more words



Dear friends,

it’s been a while. Blogging is like writing a diary, I’ve learned at last: When you are in the midst of experiencing those things worth writing about, there is simply no time to write. 245 more words


From the depths of the drafts folder #3 (a musical musing)

20 June 2015

just as it says in the title. this was an earworm he had sent me when he had me on his mind. he always seemed to know when I needed to hear from him. 15 more words

Real Life

Joyful, Joyful...

My parents named me Kylie Joye. My middle name is evidently a variant on the old English word “Joy” defined by the Oxford English Dictionary thus: 784 more words


Artistic Intelligence: A New Colour in Music

Have you ever dreamed of seeing a new colour? Well, unless there’s a gaping hole in the electromagnetic spectrum, and every rainbow in the world is wrong, it will likely remain so: a dream. 1,100 more words

Musical Musings

'A Curse for the Butterfly'

Zhuang Zhou, better known by the title of Zhuangzi, was the second greatest philosopher of the Daoist school, after the founder Laozi. Greatly revered by generations of followers of the Daoist tradition, Zhuang Zhou’s philosphy has inspired numerous works of art, including a piece by Song Dynasty… 626 more words