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Variations: Biloko (plural)

The Biloko of the Congo are vile, cannibalistic dwarfs or trolls of Nkundo folklore. They make their homes inside hollow trees, and they smell of the Congo’s rainforest. 634 more words


God Given Talents...and work

It takes effort and work to fine-tune talents that we may have.  Some seem more pronounced than others, but all in all…our talents great or small are God given. 531 more words

Boyer Writes

Ray Charles

America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful by Ray Charles. His musical background was rooted in the blues. His musical genius crossed over from blues, R&B, jazz, rock & roll, gospel, and country. 12 more words


A Talented Trio-Kane Kubed

If you have read my About My Family page, you are aware the three of my five children are triplets.  What you don’t know is that they are incredibly talented and gifted musicians.   219 more words


Training autistic children vs training concert violinists

As a behavioral psychologist, I have been working with autistic children for more than 40 years, and as a former professional violinist, I have been working with my 12-year-old son on the violin since he was 3. 809 more words

Nature vs Nurture? what about passion and discipline?

A Wall Street Journal article (“The Perils of Believing That Talent Is Innate”, February 7-8, 2015) asked why so few philosophy professors are women, less than a third, whereas in molecular biology and neuroscience, half of the professors are women. 579 more words

Music: Incorporating Music Into Everyday Life

It’s Wednesday.  Two more days to the weekend.  I have been busy everyday and night this week.  There has been laundry, bills, errands, and cooking after work.   764 more words