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Relaxing Piano Music from the Christian faith

A set of black and white keys on the piano can be played creating any kind of music,  but my favorite is the relaxing Christian piano music played in combination with beautiful photography. 72 more words

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Cool Jazz: Bowhead Whales Improvise When Singing, Study Says

Some whales are taking jazz riffs to new depths.

For the first time, scientists have eavesdropped year-round on the songs of bowhead whales, the little184 bowhead-heard whales that roam the Arctic under the ice.

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“Attention” – Charlie Puth

I think it was last weekend where my roommate and I were driving to Wegmans and a Charlie Puth song came on the radio. 29 more words

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“Defying Gravity” – Wicked

It’s Thursday! Only two more days for this week. But before we can finish this week, I want to take us back to 2011 and again in 2012 when I sang this song in Women’s Choir. 38 more words

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Trilled and Thrilled

I try not to start an entry with ‘OH MY GOD!!!‘, but I just can’t help myself. WordPress has given me one of the best one word prompts… 169 more words

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The VOICE.... God's GIFT


Boyer Writes presents to you the voice, in concert, of a young man that you will know has been given a great gift.  246 more words

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Classical Music is a joy to listen to when it is performed by some of the world’s most gifted musicians.   Boyer Writes is happy to share this great performance for your listening pleasures. 457 more words

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