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Big Character Moments From Musical Theatre 

Hallo, leute! Wie geht’s? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about characters recently. And whilst I should have been working on my writing, I ended up thinking a lot about big character growth moments in musical theatre! 1,390 more words

Musical Theatre w/ My Family! | Characters We Relate To?

Guten Morgen, leute! So, it’s time for (yet another) “Musical Theatre w/ My Family” post! And I really had to strain to think of a topic for this week. 917 more words

Attack of the Pretty People

I have a fear of makeup stores. Yes, I’ve worked in makeup before. Yes, I wear a pound-and-a-half of makeup for shows eight (or more) times a week. 653 more words


Don't Feed the Actors - Weeks Four and Five

Between spring break and an Aurora University choir tour, much of these two weeks of work had to be combined into one video. These weeks focused on finishing up Act One and Two, and finally running the entire show. 96 more words


My Favorite Musical Theatre Songs of All Time!

Guten morgen, alles! So, I’ve got a lot of homework to do + preparing for a state competition that I’ve got in April! So I’m doing what I hope will be a pretty simple, fun post for me to make! 3,806 more words

The Trouble with Trampolines

Once upon a time when I was a bright-eyed youth, I worked for a summer stock theatre that performed all their shows in the round. For non-theatre folks, that means that the audience is on all four sides of the stage. 382 more words


Why I Love CATS (the Musical)

Hallo, leute! In honor of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s birthday, I thought that I would make a post about why I love CATS! A lot of people view CATS as a musical that should be a complete and utter flop—a musical that absolutely doesn’t deserve all of the success it’s had. 631 more words