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Saturday Spotlight: Everything Is Rent


Every time we do a theme week, we say it’s one of our favorite ones yet. Everything Is Rent week is no exception – whether revisiting our age-inappropriate ideas about the musical when we were 9-10 years old, or recasting it with our dream ensemble, we hold a special place in our hearts for this 20-year-old Broadway phenomenon. 385 more words

Saturday Spotlight

Missing the Mountains

It’s that time of year again. The seasonal workers are heading back up north to Alaska. But this time I’m not going with them. With two important weddings to attend on the east coast, going back to the land of the Midnight Sun just wasn’t a possibility. 343 more words


Rent at 20

On April 29, 1996, a revolutionary musical opened. It wasn’t about a Founding Father, rather it was about a group of friends living, loving and suffering in New York City in the late 80s. 289 more words

Playlist of the Month: Tiempos De Amor and More

Happy birthday, Rent! Jonathan Larson’s musical premiered 20 years ago today, and in that time Rent has transformed popular musical theater, changed lives, and traveled the world. 717 more words


Types of Theater Parents

Hi there!

They’re always near… lurking in the background at auditions, volunteering for bake sales, trying to micromanage everything you do.

No it’s not the stage manager! 632 more words

Questions, Comments & Concerns: Rent

Like any successful project with a rabid fan base, there’s a desire, and maybe even more so now, an expectation for additional installments (see: all the Fast & Furious movies, Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, for some reason). 2,723 more words


America, At The End Of The Millennium: Rent As A 90s Period Piece

Jonathan Larson’s groundbreaking 1996 musical Rent takes place over approximately 525,600 minutes – but which 525, 600 minutes were they? The stage musical is silent on the year. 1,018 more words