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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Sometimes, it feels like a show tracks you down and *makes* you watch it. So it was with offbeat new US comedy Crazy-Ex Girlfriend. A month or two ago, a friend posted it on my Facebook wall, saying ‘I think you might like this’. 357 more words



Hello and welcome to my first blog post! With the videos that will be posted, I will be writing a blog post about each song and video for you all. 285 more words

Taking suffering for Art quite literally...

I decided to get back into performing this year. The idea of it was exciting and I really wanted to meet new people. Although I have had many jobs I have found as a volunteer I didn’t form the same relationships as someone employed because I wasn’t there as often and also although I have gotten a lot out of volunteering I found that I wasn’t treated quite the same as a member of staff. 678 more words

***** Review – Titanic, Charing Cross Theatre

Crossed intentions, class crossovers and star-crossed lovers were all to be found at the Charing Cross Theatre’s revival of the musical Titanic. Maury Yeston’s music and lyrics and Peter Stone’s book, under Thom Sutherland’s adept direction, achieve the impossible and manage in 2.5 hours, through song and dance, to vividly recount the most infamous maritime disaster of all time. 366 more words


FANTASIA 2016 : Too Young to Die! (Kankuro Kudo - Japan)

Daria Gamliel  for Cinetalk.net

A school bus of teenage brats goes over a cliff, and the protagonist is welcomed to Hell by heavy metal demons. He spends the rest of the movie not necessarily trying to come back to life, but rather reunite with his crush. 241 more words

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Oh! What A Lovely War

Oh! What A Lovely War (Attenborough, 1969) won awards in 1970 for best art direction, cinematography, soundtrack and was nominated for best direction after its 1969 release, and it isn’t hard to see why. 472 more words

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