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MOVIE: Chicago (2002)

LENGTH: 113 minutes

GENRE: Musical, Crime, Comedy

WARNING: Surprise! It is another musical, you may be blown away by how awesome this movie is. 909 more words

Classic Films To Watch

REVIEW: The Book of Mormon

This pioneer of putting ‘cutting-edge’ into musical theatre may be about the squeaky-clean followers of the supposed third testament, but it’s also a real testament to how a comedy-musical can execute singing and dancing as well as any other musical, as opposed to those aspects having to be spoofed because it’s a comedy. 174 more words


Cop Rock: The Musical Cop Show from the '90s.

Yes, this actually happened. It lasted one season and I’m surprised it ran for 11 episodes.

Pop Culture

Flash-back to Siddhartha Musical held in March 2010 ~ Part 4 FINAL

Flash-back to Siddhartha Musical held in March 2010 ~ Part 4 FINAL

It started off with the unstable internet for the past few days as I cannot access my WordPress site regularly so the posting became very erratic. 642 more words


Kinky Boots: Glitz & Sass Frame a Story of Acceptance

Saturday 19th August 2017 at the Adelphi Theatre, London.


Kinky Boots is a heart-warming tale of two men battling the seeds of doubt planted by their fathers to be truly happy and accepting of themselves; the plot is heavily sentimental and covers all the emotional bases of friendships in peril, lessons in acceptance and a romantic sub-plot, but there’s enough humour and light cleverly interwoven with the central story to make this great fun to watch. 1,107 more words


Artists and Models (1955)

Director: Frank Tashlin

For reason that I can’t work out, Jerry Lewis died today. I mean, we can probably guess the reasons for that, but it’s how he managed to live so long that has me perplexed… we’re talking about a man who had an assortment of health woes throughout his life and suffered his first heart attack in 1960 when he was just in his mid-30s. 389 more words


Writing Lessons From Hamilton

Not long ago, I was listening to Hamilton: An American Musical non-stop all the way through, and while I was listening, I realized three fundamental (writing) truths at the exact same time. 1,037 more words