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Composition in Music Education Task 3: Update #6

I am really pleased to be able to say that I have finished the scoring of Homecoming! Apart from drums, I would probably say that guitar notation is up there on being one of the most interesting/difficult instruments to notate for. 265 more words



Adjusting Dynamics in Logic Pro 9! 

Editing dynamic was very rather simple in Logic Pro 9, yet it allowed to me to portray every single details. 229 more words

Composition Task II

Completed Task!

This is the completed score version in PDF file

Bach Remix Score – Full Score

Each synthesisers in the score represent different effects. The below is the list of the effects that each synthesisers represent. 59 more words

Composition Task II

Composition in Music Education Task 3: Update #5

People compose in very diverse ways.

Up until this year, I would have never considered myself a composer. Not really… A great lover of many kinds of music though, but not really a composer. 310 more words


Recording on Logic Pro 9

As I continued to record on Logic Pro 9, a lot of aspects were different from the sound that I imagined. Hence I thought I should change the genre. 353 more words

Composition Task II

Composition in Music Education Task 3: Update #3

As you can see (above), I have began the arranging process using Logic. And if you look carefully, I have also tracked some vocals now (many takes later, I’m not really a singer). 185 more words



Yesterday I finished a composition! Check it out here:

It is in three movements and is inspired by water.
1. Waves
2. Waterology
3. Storm… 187 more words