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What's It All Bout, MOOCY

After 18 months of immersion in Digital Technologies education in my ‘spare time’, I am feeling decidedly wobbly on the reasons I am a music educator. 278 more words


#001 What is the purpose Music?

The most common question I ask my students is “what is the purpose of…?”, I enjoy asking this because you can see their faces scrunch with thought as they contemplate firstly the meaning of what I have asked, and secondly the answer that they want to offer. 754 more words


Family Jammin'

So we created the Music Corner. What’s happened since?

Well at time of writing, my son is banging keys on the electric piano with the demo song playing underneath. 414 more words

Our Music Corner

I’ve done a fair bit of reading lately about kids learning to play music, why it’s valuable, how it should be approached, how to choose an instrument, etc…and we have posted some of the ones we like here on the blog, on our Facebook and Twitter. 429 more words

Introducing the concept of Improvisation

There are many ways to approach improvisation in Jazz. It can initially be intimidating as it requires a grounding in harmonic analysis. However, once you have some grounding it is a fairly logical process, with the addition of creativity and personal ownership of course! 136 more words


Year 8 Learning Samples - Term 3, 2016

Here are some examples of learning from two performing tasks which students completed in Year 8 music this term.

Task 1: Making – Performing

Students improvised a melody over a 12 bar blues chord progression.   168 more words

Folk Music - Keyboard task

Drunken Sailor Keyboard activity

The following resource includes keyboard task sheets with assessment/progress checks, target setting sheets and success criteria.  Students can work independently and teachers can track their progress easily!  12 more words

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