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5th Grade Music Major Unit Yearly Plan

This year, I am deciding to do something different.  I have been reading on how it is good to give 10- 14 year old students the ability to choose their fate, while still keeping the classroom highly structured.  438 more words

Listening for Whiteness: Hearing Racial Politics in Undergraduate School Music

Here is an article by Julia Koza discussing politics in higher music education in the United States, and how race should be addressed. This is a touchy subject. 105 more words

Calling all artists. There is a proposed bill that can pay off student loans for artists. Wanna support it?

Calling all artists who have university degrees and student loans. This is a must read. We must support this bill. This bill

2017 Symposium on Music Teacher Education Conference

PhD candidates from the University of Minnesota, Roque Diaz (primary author) and Bryan Maurer (secondary author) will present, “Policies that Matter: Creating a Voice through Policy Awareness for Music Teacher Educators” 17 more words

Sometimes you just need to ugly-cry

I do not remember my exact age, but I vividly remember sitting “crisscross-applesauce” on the hardwood floors in Mrs. Eaton’s General Music class (which was actually the auditorium, but due to the growing student population and lack of classroom space, her music class was relocated to the auditorium stage floor) when I first heard a piece of music that spoke to me in ways my young, grade-school-mind couldn’t quite put into words. 573 more words